#11 REVIEW: Nail Hardener EXTRA STRONG by Herôme

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Yes yes, two reviews this week 😍 Are you excited as much as I am?

This week’s reviews had a theme as you can see it’s all about nails’ care.

When I shared my last review I got this comment on Facebook :

As you can see nails texture changes from one to another. This is why choose carefully your nail hardener. Do some research, and try it on one nail before using it on the others.
I just want to make this clear, once again just because it worked for others it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be THE revolutionary product for you. And just because it was terrible on others, it doesn’t mean this is not made for you.

Little storytime:

For my loyal readers, you know what happened to me with the Mavala nail hardener. For the new ones I recommend you go give check my last review so you can understand what happened to me.

Latest review ❤️

After coming back from Dublin, and since my nails were so short, I had issues with holding things since whatever and whatever I did they broke. I run to Sephora to get one of my favorite products. However this time, I needed extra care. I bought the extra-strong hardener from Herôme’s range.

I think I’ve used this product twice in my life. The first time was 5 years ago: when I damaged my nails with gel and this time. This is the strongest hardener of the range and should be used very carefully.

Let’s spill some tea 🗣️

Promises :

Thanks to the hardener, nails become hard like steel in no time. Do the cure maximum 4 times a year. Beautiful long nails, it’s possible for everyone!

• In 14 days, hard and long nails guaranteed.
• For softer and cracked nails. It can be used as a protective base coat.
• Gives a beautiful shine.
• This product does not contain TFS resin or toluene.

Recommended combination:

To preserve the elasticity of the nails, Herôme recommends combining the hardener with the Herôme Nourishing Nail Oil. Herôme Nourishing Nail Oil. This oil keeps the nails supple and elastic and can be used indefinitely.

You can check my review on the Nourishing Nail Oil HERE


Reality :

After the first week, I felt that my nails were harder. I mean my nails were so weak and transparent that you could rotate them. The corners were already less brittle.
After two weeks, I am very happy with the result. My nails are stronger, they are much less streaked, and they are pinker I feel. I also lost the transparency of the white part, and they look very healthy.

I can see good growings.

The advantage of this hardener in addition to all the qualities mentioned above is the shiny side that it leaves on the nails, once applied. We do not feel naked nails.

HOWEVER, you MUST be careful not to put near cuticles and do not approach the eyes: because it burns but otherwise flush and especially not to start the treatment on fragile nails (removal of false nails …).
Besides, it is strongly to protect the contour of the nail with care before applying the hardener.

Do I recommend it or not?



  • I mean it works, this product is magic.
  • Leaves a shiny finish, it looks like you have a manicure.
  • Easy to apply and dries super fast.
  • Keep in mind that the tip of the hardener’s cap is a cuticle pusher.

  • The smell is too strong -stinks-.
  • Can burn the edge of the nail if it’s placed too close to the cuticles.
  • It can quickly prove to be restrictive.
  • The formula (formalin) but hey it’s the only thing that has managed to make my nails worthy of the name so… It’s up to you

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