#12 REVIEW: 4 French skincare BIO products you need before spring!

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I think that skincare is primordial for its health. I’ve never talked about this before, however, I had severe acne a year ago due to hormones.

While my skin was suffocating, I learned that taking care of it and getting to know it helps you define what is the perfect everyday skincare for you. 

Now that I know my skin, I know that it gets used to products very fast. So once again I decided to change the products I use in my everyday skincare.

Among the new organic skincare brands in supermarkets, here is Gorgée de Soleil, a creation of SPBH, the large-scale distribution division of the Berdoues group known above all for Blondépil. SPBH thus puts a foot in the radius of care, the category where organic is most present in supermarkets.

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Little Storytime:

This time, I wasn’t supposed to buy something. The story starts with a call from my mom asking me to buy her Favorite cream: If you are noisy 👃 , and wondering what cream is that. Here you are 👀

Here you can find it

So, I went to Carrefour Beaulieu the one in Nantes. While I was looking for this product, one specific one got my attention.

I must admit, I have an obsession 🤦🤦🤦. As much as I eat NOT healthy food, as much I have this issue. Before buying skincare, even makeup I have to scan everything on Yuka.

If you don’t know about Yuka, you NEED TO THINK TWICE ABOUT YOUR EXISTENCE. Hahaha, I am not kidding, this is a revolution. It tells you the composition of the product you are using. If this one is very bad rated, they recommend an equivalent one with a better or an excellent composition.

Anyways, I see BIO on the packaging, I see a good rating on Yuka. I literally go crazy and I buy the whole range (one product missing, I didn’t see it 😥)

Let me tell you the price of the 4 products I bought was almost the price of one of a big brand. Before moving to my first impression, here is the score of the products on Yuka:

Let’s get to know the Brand:

The brand’s engagement

COSMEBIO and BIO COSMOS certified products, formulas that contain between 98% and 100% ingredients of natural origin for naturally radiant skin!

Cruelty-Free and Vegan certified because we firmly refuse to test our products on animals or use ingredients of animal origin.

A small company in Toulouse that makes and packages our products, a star ingredient sourced from our Roussillon producers…

A brand certified 100% “Sud de France”, close to our producers and our customers!


First impression:

Madre Mia, the PRICE 🤑 🤑

Like I said when you usually see a product with the BIO tag on, you know you are going to pay A LOT. This is THE thing not with Gorgée de Soleil.

Let’s take a look at the prices:

Yes, you are not dreaming, the only two expensive products of the range are the night cream and the under-eye treatment.

I also think the packaging is really cute. I really love simple and this is just gorgeous. The products also smell sooo good. I mean it doesn’t just smell lik apricot, it doesn’t smell chemical at all.

I was very surprised when I opened the Revitalising Night Cream because it has this very satisfying looking white cream with a very buttery texture when touched.

I also love that the Makeup Removing Cleanser is Foam. I feel like the foam doesn’t irritate my skin since it’s watery and very easy to dissolve once it lands on it.


I did my first IGTV yesterday on my Instagram, using my two favorite products of the brand.
I’ve been using those products for about two months, literally every day.

I mean you can clearly see that I really love this Revitalising Night Cream. What I really think about it is that it’s very hydrating, very lightweight on the skin, and gets absorbed fastly without any oily finish.

The thing is, I use it morning and night. I feel like I’ve found the perfect everyday cream. I wouldn’t know if this impacts or has any bad impact on the skin. However, not on mine.

For the Anti Puffiness Dark Circles Eyes Contour, it just doesn’t work for me. It’s not about the brand or the product, it’s just that I have very marked dark circles. I tried many products, but nothing works for me.

The 24-Hour Hydratation Day Cream enriched with vitamin-laden Roussillon Apricots moisturizes your skin for a resplendently healthy look.

It’s a very light cream, with no oily finish. However, I really have a big crush on the Revitalising Night Cream so that’s my night and morning moisturizing cream.

Do I recommend it or not?

✔️ I did like these products, and I do use them every day. They all give off the same delicate and delicious odor of apricot, and this intensifies the pleasure obtained by its use.

✔️ I liked the foam! Airy and creamy, it will relax you after a hard day. The night cream is just amazing, it’s like having a mask overnight. You wake up with a plumped face, glowy and super soft.

❌The day cream’s texture is fluid and it penetrates quickly after application. However, I believe that the composition might be too rich for normal to combination or oily skin during hot weather.
❌Since I have combination skin I tend to shine during the hot sunny days. Once your cream starts to spread excess sebum this gives a slightly uncomfortable feeling.
✔️ This the main reason why I’d recommend it to dry skin or normal skin during the sunny days, and normal to combination or oily skin in the coldest months.

❌ The Anti Puffiness Dark Circles Eyes Contour doesn’t work on me since like I said before I have very marked dark circles.
✔️ You can use it as an undereye moisturizing cream. I tend to have very dry eyes contour in the cold days, and thanks to this cream they are very soft and hydrated.

I mean for the price you lose nothing by trying it might become THE skincare you’ve always been looking for.

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