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Hello lovers 💕, I am here for a kind of different article in my blog, I wanted to create this small and fast to read articles.

I think that skincare is primordial for its health. I have been saying this in all my skincare reviews. Since my 12-year old, I started using makeup, and now that I am 21, I can tell you that now I believe more than never that the more you take care of your skin. The more your makeup looks good, and so does your skin.

So today subject as you’ve seen in the title 9 GAME-CHANGING MAKEUP TIPS.

9 game-changing makeup tips that I use myself and every day and this is what makes my Instagram makeup looks flawless.
Under each tip, I will let you a picture and a link to my favorite product.

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🎨TIP 1: how to color correct problem areas.

Apply color corrector before foundation, to the problem areas: such as your under eyes -Like me-.
GREEN Conceals redness.
PEACH/ORANGE Conceals blues and browns.
YELLOW Conceals purples.

👃TIP 2: how to prevent makeup from separating on the nose.

This is a hack I’ve discovered on Instagram and basically what you need to do, is first apply your primer and push-it into the skin and then set it with your favorite powder. Once everything is set, you can finally add your foundation on top.

💦TIP 3: how to get extra hydrated looking skin.

I hate the hack on Instagram when people put a liquid highlighter all over their face and add the foundation. For me, this looks too ugly.
So here is another hack: mix your favorite foundation with any liquid highlighter you like. You see immediately the glow.

💨TIP 4: an easy trick to contour.

After applying a Bronzer or a contour, use your powder again to sculpt your nose and cheekbone using a defined brush not a beauty blender. Don’t bake it, just leave it for a few minutes.

👀TIP 5: make your eyes pop.

Before buying any eyeshadow palette, make sure you know what fits you or not. I have hazel eyes, so I always try to make them look green using blue, purple and black.
You can check any eye color eyeshadow chart for inspiration.
Here is an example:

💥TIP 6: how to make lashes look fuller if you are not using any eyeliner.

Tight line the upper waterline with a black eyeliner so no flesh is showing! Then wiggle your mascara side to side at root of lashes to build-up volume.

✔️TIP 7: how to get full-looking brows.

First take your favorite eyebrows brush wet the side you use for brushing them and scrub it into hard soap. Then start brushing your eyebrows just like you want them to be perfectly defined. You can use your favorite eyebrow product – I prefer powder- to fill them.

💄TIP 8: how to keep lip color lasting all day.

The first way is to fill in the entire lip with a lip pencil and then add a clear gloss or lipstick.
The second way is to use a double-sided lip stain that has a matte finish and then add the gloss side to fix it.

🌟TIP 9: how to make your highlight stand out.

Use setting spray all over to lock in your makeup, apply the highlight right after so it shows up even more and blends seamlessly with the rest of your face.

I hope you enjoyed this kind of article type. See you soon💕

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