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Aime ta peau or love your skin this is our subject of the day.

Aime: Happy gut, happy skin.

A few years ago, before having my intense acne, I’ve been taking food supplements. Since back then I was young and didn’t know as much as I know now about my skin. You can imagine that it was a disaster. 🤔

As many of my readers know, I arrived in France 🇫🇷 a few months ago. I am in a specialized master in Digital marketing 👩🏻‍🎓 , and one of my classmates: Audrey Martinez. She is our healthy Sportif 🏃‍♀️🏅: loves healthy food 🥑 , vegies, running, and sport. That’s why I invite you to check her blog, it’s unfortunately in French, but it’s never too late to learn it haha.

This review is not only my own opinion on this brand, but it’s a co-created one. Since she finished the cures and used it for a longer period of time.💜

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Little Storytime

One of the main reasons I had a breakout 2 years ago, was the fact that I’ve consumed dietary supplements: brewer’s yeast. I am an Instagram lover as you know, while I was doing my everyday cataloging,

I came across the account of a young blondy woman called: Mathilde Lacombe.

On her bio was writing this: French • co-founder @aimeskincare  and Between Reims & Paris. aime.co

What got my attention was the aime, so emotional as a name and yet so beautiful.

So, I clicked on the link on Instragram and here we are here.

The motto of this brand is to meet all of the women’s needs, depending on their lifestyles, ages, skin type, and what each of them needs. The products are not stamped organic, because they contain synthetic vitamins that cannot have this label. However, the plants used in each product are organic! Each supplement contains a synergy of vitamins, superfoods, nutrients, plants… combined with a probiotic complex for digestive well-being.

A deeper look into the brand

Why “AIME”?

A brand we love💜. A new way to view beauty. A desire to approach things differently. A skincare product is not the only way to achieve your beauty goals. Products can be replaced or interchanged. This is what makes their approach is different because they believe in the power of holistic treatments, rituals, and well-thought-out supplements.

It’s not about being the most beautiful, it’s about being the healthiest you.

Aime, ɛm, M.

The Founders:


Entrepreneurial at heart, they wanted to create a brand they love that meets their needs and expectations: a beauty brand that tackles skincare with a new approach.
Something more holistic, more in tune with the body and with a woman’s cycle. 8 years after their first business venture, AIME was born.

“The idea came to me two years ago. Having suffered with rosacea for years and after spending thousands on every cream and treatment going, a meeting with Valérie Espinasse changed my life. Thanks to Valérie, I finally understood that what was happening with my skin was coming from the inside. I need something more than just creams and lotions to fix my skin. I altered my diet and started taking supplements and everything changed.” Mathilde.

The expert:

Valérie Espinasse, a doctor pharmacy, and micro nutritionist. All the formulas have been thought and developed by Valérie Espinasse exclusively for AIME in order to meet the needs of women today.

AIME’S Motto?

#glowriousday. Everyday.

Because wellbeing comes from being well.💜
In your body, in your skin, at work, with your friends, and in your life.

Aime yourself.

First impression:

The first thing I fell in love with was the packaging😻. We must all admit that the packaging from the box everything is sent to you in, till the product is so refined, with homogeneous colors and simple design. 😻😻

You also get these cute stickers with your orders, unless you order from Sephora: and I think that’s super sad.


Audrey’s point of view 👀 :

I knew Aime at the beginning because I admired the entrepreneur who is Mathilde Lacombe from Jolie Box.
I followed her journey, her first entrepreneurial adventure, her search for a perfect balance between professional and personal life. Not to forget her fight against rosacea. I was particularly impressed when I discovered her new adventure in 2019,

Aime: doing good from the inside.

Regarding food supplements 🥑 , in general, I use it throughout the year, in the form of a cure, to treat small daily hassles or to avoid some.

The motto of Aime is “All start inside” ✨ and those who know me know that I firmly believe that we are what we eat. This is why when I saw small patches of eczema on my cheeks, I immediately turned to my diet.
Back then I lived in 📍 Paris and I was particularly exposed to pollution🦠 (especially because I did all my outings running outside, in town) 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏻‍♀️ .

“Urban glow” ✨ is the first supplement I tested because it was the best fit for my skin problem. It meets my needs and helped to regulate these little skin problems.
I then paired it with the “French glow” ✨ in the hope of eliminating these little rashes as well as possible.

I am delighted because I saw small effects from the first month. On the other hand, a cure is really effective within three months. My eczema has disappeared 🙏🏼
However, I notice that when I no longer take the French glow the little redness reappears.

These are obviously not magic pills; I advise you to take them with a balanced diet next to it (and why not regular physical activity too 😉).

My last tip: taste Matcha Glow 🍵 a real delight (especially if you mix it with milk.

My opinion on the Matcha Glow from Aime Skincare 🍵 :

I want to start with the Matcha Glow 🍵 because it’s the product I enjoy the most.

Personally, I prepare my Matcha 🍵 after my breakfast, and I take it to class with me. Since I hate all types of milk, I prepare it as a smoothie. It’s not only my skincare but also my morning boosting in energy juice 😋 . I find it very easy to drink.

The smell is very particular 😋 . If you have the same problem with me with a strong smell, drinking it with water only is definitely NOT a good idea💡.

If you ask me about the benefits of Matcha Glow 🍵 I’d say my morning healthy drink.
Like I said before I make it as a smoothie, which helps me have that little extra boost I need in the morning. I also feel like it’s very hydrating and I can see that my skin and body are enjoying it.

If you have digestion issues like me this will help you. I feel like since I started consuming the Matcha glow, 🍵 the transits are more fluid.

This is the end of this review because I ain’t give my point of view on the other products. I will take the time to try them, and we will meet soon for a part 2 ❤️

Always keep this in mind ❤️


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