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Au nom de la Rose – my 2022 valentine’s day gift

Hello darlings, happy valentine’s day 😍 ! Today I wanted to show you what I got from Au nom de la Rose Paris.

I love Flowers BUT I am allergic to them so it’s quite hard to offer me something on valentine’s day. I got a special delivery through Ubereats from Au nom de la rose Paris. They are based on the busy Boulevard Saint-Germain, a few steps away from Notre Dame. Au nom de la Rose is part of a larger chain, and its historic location is in the 5th arrondissement with a beautiful small green shop that exposes flowers in and outside.

My boyfriend lives quite far and sending flowers is quite difficult hahaha. So the fact that they are on Ubereats is amazing and so smart.

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Au nom de la Rose - urbeautyspot

A special flower delivery :

Living life in roses every day, Au nom de la Rose’s motto. Flowering homes in all seasons, celebrating life’s beautiful events, creating surprises, all on a palette of 50 shades of roses: constantly reinvented, always surprising, the rose inspires them.

I think the details make everything different. The delivery guy was so kind and said: ” Happy Valentine’s Day ” with a smile and gave me the bag. To be honest, I wasn’t understanding what it was 😂. I received the prestigious Eternal Rose – deep red that comes in a beautiful green box.

Everything comes beautifully packed, they did a great job. They let you add a note that you can add to the package. The fact that I am allergic to flowers and still be able to receive flowers is amazing. Also, compared to a classic rose, the eternal rose is made to last in time and mark the spirits.

  • Urbeautyspot - Au nom de la rose
  • Urbeautyspot - Au nom de la rose
  • Urbeautyspot - Au nom de la rose
  • Urbeautyspot - Au nom de la rose

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this valentine’s day special article.
See you soon💕

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