#COVID-19: Makeup and skincare deals during this Lock-Down period

Makeup and skincare deals discovery:

Hello lovers 💕,

Bored during this confinement? Do you love makeup, skincare, and deals? This article is for you.

I am back again, with a different kind of articles in my blog, that you asked for. I love makeup, skincare, and perfume I mean this is what this blog is about right?

But the thing is I am addicted to buying new products… This is what my dad and I always argue about… I received this message from him while I was writing this article. It’s in french so I will translate it for you.

What he said is basically that he doesn’t understand how I can be in the confinement period which means no going out since the 15th of March and I’ve already spent 281€ on makeup and skincare no food and other charges included.

For those who don’t follow me on Instagram, I put the latest makeup and skincare deals, from the drugstore brand to the luxurious ones.

So here is a selection of my favorite makeup and skincare deals, that actually purchased.

Before moving to the juice checkout my latest review.


I start with this brand because I always wanted to buy a specific product from their range but I always thought it was a little bit -too much- expensive and I thought if I spend this amount on something that wouldn’t match me or do any improvement on my skin it would be like throwing money from the windows.

The deals are :

If you are a new sign in you get 20% off of your first order. I mean you don’t get this kind of discount everyday right?
But the better deal is actually turning the wheel. I tried several times to show what they offer you but I got the same two offers millions of times.

The first deal is 20% off the advanced Night Repair (the product I was speaking about, that I thought was a bit expensive) and all the other serums (check the conditions). The second one is getting for free the Resilience Multi-Effect cream in 15ml.

It’s not over, oh no Estée Lauder is high level, why have one deal when you can make plenty?

So the next one is this one you get Re-Nutriv eye cream with any purchase from the Re-Nutriv range.

From 75€purchased, you get your beauty essentials products offered.
The kit contains:

-Global Advanced Night Repair Anti-Aging Serum, 7ml
-Perfectly Clean Cleansing Foam, 30ml
-Double Wear Extreme Hold Eye Pencil – Onyx Tint
-Sumptuous Extreme Mini-Mascara
-And a makeup bag

Also, from 100€ purchased, you get your beauty routine products offered.
The kit contains:

-Revitalizing Supreme + Night Intense Regenerating Revitalizing Care, 15ml -Sculpting Lipstick Pure Color Envy Rose Tea, sale format
-Eye Makeup Remover, 50mL
-Global Anti-Aging Cellular Eye Contour Balm, 5mL
-Global Advanced Night Repair Anti-Aging Serum, 7ml
– And the sumptuous Extreme Mini-Mascara


Many of you know, that I buy most of my makeup and skincare from Sephora so today’s deals are:

This is one of the best because you get expensive products in mini or travel size from 150€ purchased.

The second one which is my favorite and that I used today is once you buy the cut-crease concealer from start you get 3 travel size with it which is actually so cool that even me couldn’t resist.


I wanted to start with this new The Mini Miracle Broth ™. It’s set of 4 treatments to cleanse, regenerate and hydrate. I think for 140€ it’s a super deal.
This set contains:

-The Cleansing Foam 30ml
-Pre-Care Lotion 30ml
-Regeneration Serum 5ml
-Intense Regenerating Silky Cream 15ml

On the other side, from 250€ purchased you get a beauty kit gift of 4 miniatures and 1 beauty bag.
The gift contains:

– The Revitalizing Mask 15ml
– Pre-Care Lotion 15ml
– Intense Regenerating Silky Cream 7ml
– The NEW Eye Contour Concentrate 5ml


One of my favorite skincare brands is giving you -20% off if you join their loyalty program-on.

The next deal is from 55€ of purchase you get 3 products from the Moisture Surge range.

And from 65€ of purchase, you get 5 beauty essentials.


You get -25% off without any minimum of purchase. Plus, once you reach 80€ you get:

– 4 beauty essentials:
– The New Skin Exfoliant 30ml, a
– The Fresh Scrub 15ml,
– A 15ml Flash Beauty Balm
– And a 15ml Hydra Mask

Another interesting deal: For any purchase of a Nutri-Lumière treatment, receive:

-Velvet Cleansing Milk 50ml
-Toning Lotion
-Chamomile 50ml

This is one of my favorite deals since I love travel size products. I also love the name of this deal: From Paris with love.
You get to choose 2 skincare, one body care, and one makeup product. Your beauty bag is the same for everyone.

It’s not over yet 😍 😍 . On GL you get -30% off on your second skincare product purchase.


For MAC, I am a bit disappointed, because no big deal 😩 … You just get one of these two brushes once you buy a foundation.

NYX Professional Makeup:

On NYX you get a free mini mascara from 35€ of purchase and free shipping on the whole website.

We arrived at the end of this deals article. I hope you did enjoy it and let me know if you want Part 2.

See you soon, and stay safe.

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