DIY: Homemade Tanning Oil Quick, Cheap and Efficient

Hello, DIY lovers💕, today’s subject is how to make a Home-made Tanning oil. ☀️ 🏝 🏖 👙

I hope my french readers enjoyed the 14 of July and had a nice national holiday. I am on the plane, I am traveling to Naples with my friends because we needed a sun break.

When you hear the sun, you think about the beach and obviously sunbathing. I always show you reviews about the best products out there right? For me, the best tanning oil you could ever use is the one you’d make in your kitchen with a very small budget. Homemade tanning oil, cheap, clean and makes your skin glowy and hydrated.

I was going through some products on Instagram and on Sephora looking for some affordable ones so I can give you alternatives in case some of you are too lazy to make it own homemade tanning oil, but to be honest I have none to recommend.

A few years ago, I couldn’t tan during the first week. This means I get red, and then to be honest my tanning color ain’t the one I always wanted. Until my mom made this AMAZING homemade tanning oil. THIS will change your tanning game, and you will definitely see a difference within the first use.

To be clear, YOU NEED sun protection, because even if the oils would keep your skin moisturized during the whole process this doesn’t mean that you are 100% protected.

I also want to explain also that solar protection doesn’t stop the tanning process, it just protects your skin from the bad UV that might cause you different illnesses.

Before starting I invite you to read my latest DIY review.

Let’s jump into our homemade tanning oil.

How To Make This Homemade Tanning Oil (DIY):

You will first need a spray, bottle, or any other type of closable container. Make sure you choose wisely because if the container doesn’t close you will get it all over your beach bag and cloths. Just let me inform you that with all the oils we are going to add inside it, it’s going to be a disaster.

I re-used a container I already had from Luxeol. You can also use a cream container or hair cream one, really don’t bother yourself to buy one if you have a lot of empty ones at home. If you don’t have any, you can buy from Aromazone they have all types and sizes.

We will need for this homemade tanning oil 5 ingredients. Some of them you might have in your kitchen or skin/hair care natural products. Others you might need to buy. Trust me this is the cheapest and THE BEST tanning oil you will never want to buy or hear about any other one.

The Benefits Of Coconut Oil 🥥 🌴 :

The base ingredient and the one we will fill our whole bottle with is Coconut oil 🌴 🥥 . I always speak about how amazing the coconut oil is for the hair, for taking off your makeup. Today it’s going to help you have the most beautiful tanned skin. Probably I fill more than 2/3 of it. The coconut oil I use is the one I also use in my cooking. If you don’t have it you can simply jump to the closest supermarket and get yours. I recommend you scan it on any application to see if it doesn’t contain any bad ingredients. I buy mine from the action and or Aromazone. The one I am using today is the one from Action simply because it’s the cheapest hahaha. 😂

You really don’t have to think too much about the brand, because in this type of product it doesn’t really matter. Your only preoccupation should be the composition and that’s it.

In 2010, researchers confirmed that the coconut oil protects from the UV of the sun because it contains and offers protection with SPF (sun protection factor) between 4 and 8. This means you can use it while sunbathing, however, you need to repeat it each few hours. ( Depends on your skin)

⭐️Natural and pure,



⭐️Without nanoparticles,

⭐️Spreads well,

⭐️Prevents dehydration,

⭐️Treats the skin,

⭐️Does not block the pores of the skin,

The benefits of Carrot oil 🥕 :

This is the key to your beautiful tan color. To be honest I’ve read all over the internet that you need to prepare your self buy auto tanning. This means you need to apply this oil all over your body. For at least 15 days before traveling in the mornings or evenings. Plus you need to expose yourself to the sun in this period. This will help the stimulation of melanin.

I have been using Carrot oil in my tanning solution for at least 4 years, so I can tell you this is NOT true. Do you have the time to do that? I can’t, but if you can try it out. For me, this is the best tanning accelerator.

⭐️Say goodbye to your wrinkles,

⭐️Will help your skin to detoxify and rejuvenate,

⭐️Moisturizes and adds antioxidant protection to the skin,

⭐️Helps to get glowing skin and even skin tone,

⭐️Lightens the skin,

⭐️Gives you the most intense and beautiful caramel tan color.

The Benefits Of Jojoba Oil Et Aloe Verra 💦 🌴 :

When we are tanning our skin loses its moisture. This why we need to be drinking a lot and continuously. This is why we need Jojoba oil.

Why use aloe vera? In fact, the action of this plant will increase moisture. In addition, aloe vera accelerates the healing of burns and skin lesions. This means we will add the Aloe vera to our recipe to prevent the sunburns.

The Benefits Of Vitamin E:

The main reason you need to add in your oil Vitamin E it because it has a big role in preventing cell aging by improving the skin’s tolerance to the sun. It has a complete anti-aging role and acts in synergy with selenium and vitamin C to prevent the degradation of essential fatty acids.


To be honest, if you don’t have it, or don’t find it don’t bother yourself. It’s not going to change anything in getting the tan color you need but it a good plus.


The bonus is to take a big bottle of water with you to the beach, pool. Anywhere you are going to sunbathe in. With the sun, the hot and if you swim you will lose a lot of water. So think of hydration. Drink water, a lot. 💧 💦💦

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Don’t forget to subscribe and support me on my Instagram.

See you soon 💕

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