DIY Nourishing Hair Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair

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My hair is going crazy. Two weeks ago, I tried to dye it in Strawberry blonde and I think this made the ends very dry. I don’t know if you get the same impression as me, but sometimes I feel like my hair smells burning…
I have a lot of hair masks from different brands, but today I decided to do a DIY recipe. So get ready for a DIY hair mask.

What I love about this DIY hair mask is the fact that the products I will use are from your kitchen. If you don’t have all of them you can buy them from the supermarket since it’s in every country. The other thing is that what we are using today is so cheap. Forget about the expensive products and say hello not only to natural but also almost costless DIY hair mask.

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Step by Step to healthy-looking hair:

My recipe is very easy. You need egg yolk, coconut oil, and sunflower oil.

I am not gonna tell you how much you need because we don’t have the same hair length. If you are wondering I use half a cup of sunflower oil, 3 big soup spoons of coconut oil and 1 to 2 egg yolk. Depending on my hair’s needs. 

I want to let you know something, I love olive oil, but since I have colored hair, and I believe that it makes the blond go orange. That’s why I didn’t use it. 


Sunflower Oil:

I will start with the sunflower oil, first, it prevents hair thinning.

Sunflower Oil contains gamma alpha-linolenic acid (GLA) which has been proven to aid with hair loss and baldness. Add in the fact that it has some Vitamin E which is essential for hair growth and you have an ingredient that tackles all areas of hair health.


It also gives a great appearance to the hair. After washing your DIY hair mask, you get this beautiful glossy and shiny hair, without being greasy. 

Last but not least, once you color your hair and especially in blond, from dryness you get Frizz. Just a little of this oil goes a long way. Once you go to clean this mask, you need no conditioner. You just need your usual shampoo. You will feel that your hair underwater is so soft and plump, just like the feeling after the conditioner. 

Your hair will look better than never. 

Coconut Oil:

I love coconut oil, not only I use it in my cooking but also I use it from my skin and hair. For a few years, I’ve been using this oil with avocado also. I always had long healthy hair, that I cut very often. I definitely confirm that it stimulates hair growth.

Coconut oil moisturizes dry hair, and you will see that if you use it often: on the skin or on the hair, and just like the sunflower oil this gives you luster, shine, and softness to the hair. When I use coconut oil more often, I also notice that I lose less hair than what I usually would do.

There is a Youtube video that I did for you guys, to show you the steps, and you will see that my ends look so good because not only coconut oil prevents hair breakage but also split ends.

Egg Yolk:

I am not a big fan of eggs and the smell of it, but the yolk has a lot of benefits on the hair. However, the yellow portion of the egg contains 16 g of proteins and this could enrich the hair.

For years my grandmother used to tell me that egg yolk help hair to grow, stimulates the scalp and nourishes the hair roots. I can’t tell if it’s just the yolk alone or it’s the mixture, but my hair loves it.

A specific fat called lecithin that is in eggs could help to moisturize the hair. This fat is also a constituent of some cosmetic hair products. Alternative health experts often recommend using egg yolks for dry, damaged hair for these reasons.


Youtube Tutorial just for you:

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