Blissim splendist spring 2022

Blissim – The “Splendist” Spring Limited Edition 2022

Let’s leave the winter behind us, as a preamble to the cool spring mornings, and adopt a new routine! Discover 10 incredible high-flying nuggets, in sale format, for a beautiful spring! You’ll be glowing from head to toe with this limited edition Blissim Splendist Spring 2022 😍.

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MANUCURIST – Green Oil – 15ml – €14

Take care of your nails the way they should be!

What it does: This ultra-rich oil, a combo of 6 plant oils, regenerates and moisturizes cuticles and nails while promoting regrowth.

How to: apply a drop to your nails and massage to activate the benefits and facilitate absorption. Apply at the end of your manicure or as part of your daily moisturizing routine.

INSTITUT ESTHEDERM – Eau Cellulaire Brume – 30ml – 10

The caring gesture your routine needed to reveal its radiance!

Its action: as powerful as a serum, it preserves youthfulness for visibly younger skin.

Its formula: it activates hydration and boosts the effectiveness of all the treatments in your skincare routine.

How to: spray on and rub in with your palms. Use before applying skincare products, after makeup, as a fixative, or at any time of day.

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AIME – The Simple Skin / The Simple Cleanser

Aime offers an alternative that makes sense and works on all skin types, including those suffering from discomfort. Mathilde Lacombe, the co-founder, believes in a more holistic approach to better understand her skin thanks to the action of pre-and probiotics on the skin flora. Focus on 2 of the brand’s flagship products:

The Simple Skin: with 99% ingredients of natural origin, light, and suitable for all skin types, it deeply moisturizes and stimulates the cell regeneration process.

The Simple Cleanser: fragrance-free and dermatologically tested, it cleanses the skin for a rebalanced and purified epidermis, a smoother complexion, and reduced imperfections.

Bonus: choose between The Simple Skin moisturizer or The Simple Cleanser!

PAÏ – Roseship Bioregenerate – Wild Rose Oil – 10ml – 19€ – France

Fall for this oil adapted to all skin types! Highly regenerating, it fights against imperfections and skin discomforts.

Its formula: Wild Rose oil, in its pure form, nourishes and regenerates the skin. The omegas 3, 6, and 9 repairs and the antioxidant carotenoids protect from the other damage and aggressions.

The +: care with 100% natural ingredients and a 100/100 rating on Yuka.

  • BLISSIM - PAÏ – Roseship Bioregenerate
  • BLISSIM – INSTITUT ESTHEDERM – Eau Cellulaire Brume
  • BLISSIM – huile verte
  • BLISSIM - YVES SAINT LAURENT  Rouge Volupté Shine in oil

SACHAJUAN – Finishing Cream – 75ml – 18€ – France

Take care of your hair with this moisturizing cream that defines the style and brings shine!

Its technology: Ocean Silk is the perfect combination of seaweed extracts, naturally harvested from the Atlantic Ocean.

Its formula: Rhodophycea strengthens the hair, increases elasticity by stimulating the capillary balance. The Chondrus Crispus acts on the surface thanks to its calcium and zinc content to protect hair from external aggressions.

How to: apply the product, which does not grease, on dry or wet hair daily.

YVES SAINT LAURENT – Rouge Volupté Shine in oil – 4,5g – 36€ – France

Take the best opportunity to shine, and adopt this lipstick that flirts with pleasure! This cult lipstick combines a veil of color with an all-in-one treatment composed of 6 essential oils.

You will love its comfort embracing shine and long-lasting hold.

The +: it acts as a lip balm, essential to slip into your handbag!

The result: an intense color, a melting texture, a moisturizing formula, and an ultimate shine.

LES PANACÉES – Solid shampoo – 12,90

This solid shampoo cleans all types of hair with its dense, creamy, and fragrant foam.

Its formula: 93% natural origin, contains no silicone that weighs down the hair fiber, nor sulfates or parabens, also adapted to dry and colored hair.

Its effect: shiny hair and a soothed scalp.

The plus: hair adapts to this foaming solid version from the first use!

Why solid? Adopt more natural ingredients, reduce your waste, and don’t be afraid to spill your products in your suitcase!

LA ROSÉE – Eye Contour – 15ml – 18,90

An eye contour stick with 99.6% natural origin, for a fresh and rested look!

How to: Apply it under the lower eyelid, then on the arch. For a more decongesting result, store it in the refrigerator!

The +: can be used on the lip contour and on fine lines for a plumping effect!

The result: your eye contour is moisturized, decongested and your blood circulation reactivated. 100% notice that their dark circles are reduced! Your bags are less visible and your eyes are brighter!

LES GEORGETTES BY ALTESSE – Pure Originelle 8mm Cuff – Gold Finish – 59€ – Blissim

Discover the Pure Originelle cuff, 8 mm, gold finish, and its reversible leopard and camel leather created exclusively for Blissim. These jewels designed in their French workshops highlight the quality and ancestral know-how of the brand. The Georgettes’ mantra: to create jewelry as unique as you are.

A unique concept: 1 bracelet + 1 leather = 3 possibilities! These jewels adapt to your desires, moods, and looks at all times of your life.

  • BLISSIM - SACHAJUAN – Crème de finition
  • BLISSIM - LA ROSÉE – Contour des yeux
  • BLISSIM – LES PANACÉES – Shampooing solide
  • BLISSIM - LES GEORGETTES BY ALTESSE – Manchette Pure Originelle

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed the Blissim Splendist Spring 2022 details ❤️.
See you soon💕

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