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I tested the new Baume Beauté Eclair from Clarins

Hello gorgeous, how are you today? Clarins gifted me two new releases and today we are reviewing one of them: The Beauty Flash Balm / Baume Beauté Eclair. Retailing for 40,00 € on Clarins’ website.

The Beauty Flash Balm is quite old, yet they changed its packaging to a more modern and beautiful one. Definitely, one of Clarins’ best sellers that I never tried or knew about. This is the kind of SOS 🆘 product that instantly makes your skin look more relaxed and smooth.

Also known as Baume Beauté Eclair, is formulated with 96% of natural ingredients for a superradiance cocktail. Acerola seed extract helps energize the skin to make it radiant and glowing. Prickly pear extract helps activate skin renewal to revive its radiance. It is also enriched with organic oat sugars with a tightening effect. That helps to tighten and smooth the facial features immediately. The marks of tiredness and the wrinkles are blurred.

Good to know:

Ideal for combination skin, dry skin, normal skin, and oily skin. The texture is creamy and can be used 2 to 3 times a week. In the morning as skincare or as a makeup primer.

My last review ❤️

Baume Beauté Eclair – First Impression:

I have seen the old packaging and I have to say I LOVE the new one. I love how simple yet gorgeous Clarins’ packaging is. What I love the most is the simplest details in the closing plug. Red with a white top and Clarins written in red 😍. If you travel a lot like me the format is perfect. Small easy to put in your bag, and it’s 50ml making it plane-friendly.

The balm is very creamy, with a beautiful pale pink color. Once you start rubbing it on your skin it turns transparent with a soapy fragrance that stays. I am usually not a big fan of scents but this one smells like french laundry 🧺.

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  • Baume Beauté Eclair review blog
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Here is Baume Beauté Eclair review:

I love the Baume Beauté Eclair. I personally use it two ways. The first one is on special occasions when I need my skin to look extra plumped and beautiful. I apply it like a mask and leave it for 10min. It immediately revives the skin’s radiance.

The second way is a primer substitute. I think for the wintertime it’s a perfect product to help you through the dry skin. I take a small hazelnut of the balm and apply it all over my skin. After I moisture my face and neck, usually move to my eyes. Wait around 5 minutes the time my skin completely absorbs it. Then I apply my foundation on top. The balm works perfectly as a primer. Smooths your skin refreshes and hydrates it. I also noticed that it definitely helps your foundation to last throughout the day.

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  • Baume Beauté Eclair review blog
  • Urbeautyspot review blog

Is it worth buying?

YES! Say goodbye to signs of fatigue and dull face. This is a perfect multi-purpose product. Which can be used throughout different seasons of the year. Perfect for all skin types even the most sensitive like mine. It really does everything it claims. Used as a primer it moistures your skin helps your makeup to last. Used as a mask, it minimizes signs of fatigues, immediately revives your skin, and makes it feel soft and radiant.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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