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I tried the 2022 limited edition DIOR EYE REVIVER PATCHES

Hello darlings, today we are reviewing the Dior Eye Reviver patches that I have been seeing all over TikTok. I have very tired eyes and these eye patches promise an instant glow just after 10 minutes of usage.

To be honest, one of the main reasons I bought them is the Dior skincare logomania and the fact that they are the chicest patches I have ever seen 😭. I have been trying to do reviews on new releases and I just want to say that I buy the products with my own money and that most of my reviews are not gifted and if so I always let you know, and it doesn’t change my honest review.

As soon as the Dior Eye Reviver patches got my attention as soon as I ordered them. So let’s dive into the topic of whether these Dior eye patches are worth the hype. I did a video on Tiktok doing the unboxing because it was looking so good and cute 🥰.

My last review ❤️

Dior Eye Reviver patches – First Impression :

The Dior Eye Reviver patches promise to instantly moisturize and smooth the skin, giving it a radiant, fresh, and relaxing effect. First thing first, the packaging, obviously 🙄. I think the packaging is normal yet luxurious. It’s a small dark blue box with gray the logo on top, the name of the product, and its promise.

I have already used many of Dior’s skincare products but I have never tried or even knew they had eye patches until it popped up in my “fyp” on TikTok. My mom has been using the Capture youth collection a few times now and she loves it. In the Dior Eye Reviver Patches, you will find the Super Potent Eye Serum from that same collection in a miniature and a set of two one-use eye patches.

Dior Eye patches are described as “the greatest backstage asset for preparing the eyes and giving them an instant glow,” all in a matter of 10 minutes. Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, uses these patches on models at the fashion house runway shows, combined with an eye cream applied under the eye masks.

  • Urbeautyspot review - Dior eye patches
  • Urbeautyspot review - DIOR EYE REVIVER PATCHES
  • Urbeautyspot review - DIOR EYE REVIVER PATCHES
  • Urbeautyspot review - DIOR EYE REVIVER PATCHES
  • Urbeautyspot review - Dior eye patches
  • Urbeautyspot review - Dior eye patches
  • Urbeautyspot review - DIOR EYE REVIVER PATCHES

Here is my Dior Eye Patches review:

At first, you think that you simply put the patches on your eyes and you are ready to go. The fact is the eye serum is actually there to be applied first. This will make the results stand out even more since it contains Hyaluronic. However, you can use them separately if you want to. However, the effect is not going to be as emphasized as if you use both.

I personally applied the serum first then put the eye patches, as recommended. The first thing I’ve noticed is that they are quite sticky, meaning that you can move around with them, do your makeup, eat, etc… and they will not move. I am familiar with the ones from Pixi and they don’t stick as much and they aren’t as “strong” as the Dior ones. Simply, because the Dior ones have on top this kinda strong material that looks stunning and luxurious.

I am familiar with the Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum, and it doesn’t soak off fast keeping your under-eye area shinny. Yet, it’s quite the opposite once you apply the patches. As you can see in the pictures there is a slight improvement, my under-eye is definitely smoother. To be honest, I feel like it’s a “normal effect” after using any type of under-eye mask.

The experience of having the patches on is so luxurious, yet my concealer applied beautifully and smoothly after using them. I mean they do cost only 29€. BUT I feel like what would’ve been cool is that if they were reusable ( it’s good for the ecology but also our bank accounts 😂).

Is the Dior Eye Patches worth buying?

If you are looking for a beautiful Instagram picture, well go for it. Joking aside, they do provide refreshment since they are quite cold when you apply them. I also noticed that my under-eye puffiness was less. To be honest, I didn’t hate the designer look of the patches. Looking pretty expensive in my pajamas 😂.

I also like the experience of ordering on their website and receiving this cute Dior box. I will probably be using it for pictures or just as a decoration in my room.

Worth buying or not, I’d say your call but I definitely do not regret this purchase even tho I think they could’ve been reusable.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

Have you tried the Dior Eye Patches? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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