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IRÉN Skin discovery ♡

Hello lovers 💕,

I think that skincare is primordial for its health. I always speak about it and always will.

Today I am coming with a review on IRÉN Skin which is one of my partnerships. I want to let you know that this is an honest one. The first thing you need to know is that I do have a contract with this brand, and the fact is in my contract it says to give my honest opinion.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about IRÉN skin, but if you didn’t it’s time you add this brand to your everyday skincare.

So let’s jump in.

IRÉN Skin:

Who is this brand?

IRÉN Skin is a Japanese brand that will be available for sale in France from February 2020. As part of this launch, the brand contacted me to offer to test and give my honest opinion on the blog on IRÉN serums Skin.

They were born with the desire to exceed the unregulated standards of the cosmetic and care industry. I must admit that we all tend to buy things that we do not need, and of which we do not necessarily know the ingredients and the compositions. Here starts the mission of IRÉN Skin.

The brand’s mission is to share unfiltered information on skincare ingredients to help women have the resources they need to browse complex ingredient lists and conduct a thorough investigation before purchasing.

IRÉN is designed for the intelligent woman who makes no compromises and ensures that her formula is 100% transparent. Think of us as the peacekeeper of the skin and the gateway to solving the mysteries of skincare ingredients.

My latest review:

Serums discovery:

Each skin has different needs and Irén Skin offers seven superfruit serums combined with powerful ingredients to address different skin problems.

Skin Reboot – Antioxidant Serum: This antioxidant serum repairs and makes the skin healthy, while constituting a defense shield against the harmful effects of free radicals, stress, and pollution, which are at the origin of premature aging of the skin… It also protects against damage from UV rays, exposure to blue light, and helps the regeneration of skin cells and the structure of the skin.

Forever Young – Anti-Aging Serum: The anti-aging serum with double lifting action, firms and tightens the skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen to preserve the youth of the skin in an instant and lasting way.

Glow-Getter – Exfoliating Serum: The exfoliating serum activates the exfoliation and repair of the epidermis to reveal healthy and glowing skin. Its gentle yet powerful blend of exfoliators, antioxidants, enzymes, and probiotics triggers a skin renewal mechanism to make it smoother, refine the appearance of pores, and make the skin more radiant.

Quench-Up – Hydrating Serum: The hydrating serum contains 12 hydrating ingredients for 12 times more hydration, it is recommended for dehydrated skin. Its refreshing formula brings instant and intense hydration to the skin, in order to regain a luminous complexion and luscious skin.

Keep Calm – Soothing Serum: The soothing serum hydrates and soothes the skin, it calms sensitive skin by reducing the sensitivity of redness, while repairing the skin’s natural moisturizing barrier to ensure rapid healing.
Star Light – Brightening Serum: Brightening serum contains powerful ingredients to reduce visible signs of pigmentation and suppress melanin formation. This cocktail of lightening ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants promise to help control melanin, reduce the appearance of dark spots, unify the complexion to stimulate the radiance of the skin.

Clearer Days – Anti-blemish Serum: This anti-blemish serum acts as a treatment that fights serum, blemishes, and acne in three phases. It targets hyperactive sebum, calms skin irritations, and prevents future breakouts. Unclogging pores, it clears the skin, restores sebum balance and treats acne breakouts without over-drying the skin

First impression:

I LOVE the concept. This is the first thing I want to say, because I’ve never heard about a brand doing the same.

They understood that each skin is unique and they don’t believe in the hype of a great product claiming to work for everyone. This is why, in order to target the different skin problems, they have created 7 superfruit serums combined with powerful ingredients.

This concretely means that you create your own set of set of skincare routine. Personalization is the key, and this is what they offer us.

I received 3 serums: Anti-aging serum, hydrating serum, and anti-imperfection serum.

I love the box they come in, they even write your name. The packaging is so cute and they cost 99€.

I have a deal for you guys, the whole website is -10% and you can get extra -20% using this code: SERUM20

I must admit that I love the brand’s Instagram account because there are really informative posts and stories on the different ingredients used in cosmetics, on the ingredients to avoid, on the peculiarities of each skin type.


I first wanna speak about what I like less, and than move to what I love more.

The messy person I am, I tend to lose or make my products fall since they are everywhere and nowhere. The bottle is made of glass, so if you are not careful you will make a mess.

I have been testing the 3 serums for weeks, morning and night before I sleep. These serums have no particular fragrance. However, they smell good, and have a liquid and very pleasant consistency, a little oily, but do not leave a greasy finish on the skin at all.

They absorb in 30 seconds and leave the skin glowing and hydrated. The three bottles I received are enough for more than 3 months, use morning and evening. Few drops are enough for your whole face and neck, a little goes a long way.

IRÉN Skin has the most unique packaging I have ever seen. The serums are sold in small transparent glass bottles of different colors, very cute and recyclable. To collect a few tastes of serum, you use the dosing pipette integrated with each serum.

Is it worth buying?

First, I noticed the effect of hydration and skin comfort immediately after the application. The skin does not tighten. It’s not oily either, as with some nourishing creams that I could use on my combination skin. A week after using these products, my skin looks brighter, fresher, and clearer. The color is more homogeneous.

However, I have this problem with the anti-blemish serum. It makes me breakout. I do not have severe acne, I only get small pimples on my period time. However, when I use this serum I wake up with small pimples here and there. I am not convinced of the effect on my skin, but maybe it will work on other skins.

My favorite serum is Forever young. I am a very expressive person, I am 21 and already have the Lion wrinkles. After 1 month of use, I really noticed that the fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes start to be less marked, the skin is more supple, with a fresher and healthier appearance.

So the answer is yes. I do recommend buying it. Choose the combination that suits you the best and watch your skin change and get healthier.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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