Is the new LEGIT Lashes, Double-Ended Mascara from Huda Beauty worth it?

LEGIT Lashes discovery ♡

Hello lovers 💕,

So, as you have seen I ordered this mascara once it was uploaded on Huda beauty’s website ( 19th of May, on my birthday).

She launched this legit lashes new mascara, and if you know the brand for a while you’d know that the first she started with was lashes. I LOVE her lashes so I was very excited.

On her website we see non-photoshopped pictures of her lashes using the new Legit Lashes mascara and the first thing that crosses your mind is DAMN this looks amazing.

Pretty impressive right? I am very excited to show you guys the result and see if those pictures are really not photoshopped or something fishy is happening in them.

So, let us jump in.

My latest review

First Impression:

I received this mascara a bit late due to the coronavirus late shippings. However, I was very surprised because since the beginning of the lockdown they have been delivering within 2-3 days. I was very disappointed also because no matter what you order you get it shipped in a Huda Beauty box. However, the Legit Lashes came in a bag. The one that is so satisfying to press down.

Anyways, details are very important to me, I can’t help myself. If none say it, I will. Whether it’s for the legit lashes or the eyeliner, the box they come in is so cheap. Excuse me, but when you see the pr packaging I always get blown away and then you receive yours and you are just disappointed.

I’ve received many PR since I’ve started my Instagram, and the packaging of the product is the same as you get if you buy it from the drugstore or website. Maybe the whole box they come in you get goodies, specific messages but nothing too crazy.


My first thought on this mascara was that I loved the packaging, I really like the double-ended sides, how gorgeous and intense the color of the mascara is. Huda Beauty never disappoints.

Unfortunately, mascara is indeed disappointing, because when I use mascara, even if I try to wipe so much, the eyelashes are the same, just one wiping makes the eyelashes coagulate together, and does not separate the eyelashes. The curled side does work, lifting the eyelashes from the root and helping to keep it curled. However, this is not what I expected. I expect to have very long false eyelashes.

The more you layer up the mascara the uglier and spidery it gets. This is NOT what I want my lashes to be looking for. NOT going to lie, I gave this mascara 100 chances. I also tried it with a lash curler, and without. To be honest I absolutely hate it.

Let’s be clear this is a pretty expensive mascara, double end or not this is still pricey. Most of the reviews I’ve seen people like it, however, what I find shady is the fact that most of them are from people who got it as a PR.

2 layers of Huda Beauty’s mascara

I have in my beauty bag better products. One of my favorites is the Roller lash from Benefit cosmetics.

Is it worth buying?

I’d say hell no. Keep your money and buy something worth it.

This is a plus, but I feel like I need to tell you this. As you see, it’s an everyday rain day in Nantes, and I was wearing the mascara and the rain got into my eyes. Since the Mascara is not waterproof is was all over my face. Obviously it got into my eyes and they started to hurt just like when you get soap in them.

It is time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon

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