Let’s test together the new Centifolia neutral range

Hello gorgeous! If you follow me on Tiktok you know that I am a big fan of Centifolia. I had the chance to receive pr many times from their hair care edition. Today’s PR is skincare and I am super excited to review together, the new Centifolia Neutral Range.

The Centifolia Neutral Range is for skins with an atopic tendency that deserves special attention. I think nobody has perfect skin so this speaks to all of us. This range is without perfume to meet the needs of sensitive and reactive skin.

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Centifolia neutral range – First Impression:

If you are familiar with Centifolia’s products you know that the packaging is very simple and colorful. I love bleu so the packaging for me is 100% gorgeous hahaha!

The Centifolia neutral range combines the unique synergy of a prebiotic and a polysaccharide active ingredient prevents imbalance and restores the skin microbiota. The polysaccharide prevents the adhesion of bacteria that are not beneficial to the skin and the prebiotic nourishes and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria (to the detriment of pathogens) so that the skin regains its balance.

If you are looking for qualitative and for the whole family products. This range adapts to the daily life of the whole family. For babies (from birth), children, adults, and pregnant women.

Centifolia neutral range comes in 6 different products from face and washing to intimate gel. I received 3 of them to test out: a washing oil, a balm, and finally a moisturizing cream.

Here is my Neutral range review:

I travel a lot and my man usually doesn’t take anything with him 😂. Having a range of skincare and body care products that suits the whole family is a real blessing.

Huile lavante relipidante neutre – 9.95€

I want to start with this oil because I think it’s for the body. I personally love to use it on my face. It’s the type of oil that is not too water-resistant and that helps take away your makeup. Its texture is very fluid, like any oil I would say, and will foam very delicately and you wash it without any difficulty.

It leaves your skin clean, soft, and comfortable. Soothes feelings of itching and irritation from the first application and leaves the skin moisturized for the whole day.

Its vegan formula is made up of 97% natural ingredients. And it is, like all Centifolia products, care made in France! The bottle is 100% recyclable and 50% recycled!


Crème hydratante neutre – 10,95€

I am currently going through that very dry skin period. This cream moisturizes and immediately soothes sensitive and reactive skin. It gets a feeling of immediate comfort and protects the skin from external aggressions. I also noticed that my skin looks immediately more glowy and healthy.

Texture speaking, it’s mid thick I would say. It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t have any smell to it. Its vegan formula is made up of 99% natural ingredients. And it is, like all Centifolia products, care made in France! The Tube is 26% recycled!


Baume relipidant neutre – 14,95€

I have extremely dry body skin all the year no matter how hot or cold it is. This lipid-replenishing balm nourishes, repairs, and soothes sensitive and reactive skin. Helps you throughout the peaks of severe dryness and the feelings of itching and irritations are decreased.

Texture speaking, it’s THICK. Personally, my favorite texture when it comes to body balms. This is a very rich cream that penetrates the skin almost immediately with no white leaves. It feels a little bit sticky but I personally like this kind of texture. I have dry arms and legs and to be honest, this does an instant and long-term amazing job. I live in Paris and around April it gets warmer and my skin tends to peel of. With this balm, my skin never looked any better.

Its vegan formula is 100% based on ingredients of natural origin. And it is, like all Centifolia products, care made in France! The Tube is 30% recycled, guaranteed without phthalate or Bisphénol A.

Is it worth buying?

I don’t have babies yet but I love this range. rather it’s for me or for my family, I always look for products with less or no fragrance. Knowing that you can find a whole product range without any is just amazing. Especially, also made for babies and pregnant women. I think the engagement and values of Centifolia are rare nowadays.

I think if you suffer from dry skin even punctually, you will love this range. The results are immediate and you feel the smoothing sensation provided by this neutral product range. I am really looking forward to trying the 3 other products in the range. Particularly, the Neutral Intimate hygiene care.

Centifolia offers us a whole 6 products range that is formidably effective and respectful of all skin types and suitable for the whole family. It’s worth the detour!

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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