Hello guys, I am super excited about this new release: Zara Beauty. The Spanish fast-fashion giant has just unveiled a brand new makeup range. Inclusive and vegan, and refillable. To be honest, I have never been a lover of the makeup brands that come from clothing ones, yet I am super excited about the Zara beauty one. I couldn’t get my hands on the products simply because the day I went to the shop, the queue was so long. I will probably re-update this article when I receive my order.

The Zara Beauty is a large collection of makeup:130 references. Unfortunately, they don’t have face products such as foundation. However, you find blushes, contouring products, and highlighters. You can find everything you need from eyes to lips to nails and brushes.

Zara Beauty Discovery 💜

My latest review.

First Impression on Zara Beauty:

The first thing I want to speak about is the packaging. A big ” Bravo” to Zara Beauty for this gorgeous white packaging with this very unique asymmetry. I find it very luxurious but then you see the prices and you are really impressed. Another impressive thing is the idea of refillable products. We have already seen this with Fenty Skin yet the prices are pretty much the same. Zara Beauty is definitely smarter. If you buy lipstick for example it costs 10.95€. You use it for a few months, you want a new one. Well, guess what? You simply need to buy the refill for 6.95€.

Everything about Zara beauty is surprisingly beautiful and you can see the work behind it. In the packaging again you have not only the name and number of your shade, but you also have the color itself. In detail, the collection consists of 130 references with lipsticks (matte, semi-matte, or satin finish); a gloss; a nourishing lip oil jelly; eyeshadows; blushes; illuminator; bronzer; nail polishes with natural ingredients (39 shades) and a range of brushes. Not to mention the cheap prices, the gorgeous packaging you are paying for and every single product is refillable.

My opinion:

I will start with lipsticks because it’s the first thing I tried. First, they are amazing, very lightweight, pigmented, and none drying. I am not a big fan of satan colors and guess what? My favorite color of the collection is Say Kiss 💋. Second, and in the eye’s sides, the big palettes are just amazing, from the combination of colors to the pigmentation. The mattes and shimmery are simply gorgeous, so easy to work with. They don’t look cheap at all.

I am a bit disappointed when it comes to face products such as the palette of 3 Cheek Color. First, the combination of colors is not the best, you are a bit limited also when it comes to the color range. Even though, I think the colors are gorgeous, once again very pigmented and easy to work with. Second, the highlighters, as many of you know I have never been a big fan of. I gave it it chance and was still disappointed: it didn’t get old that good, it’s also a bit too powdery than creamy.

Is it worth buying?

YES! 🙌 This Zara beauty collection is for everyone: you could be a starter in makeup, a student, a working woman, etc… I think the products are very high quality, the price range is also affordable. I hope that with time they grow the shade range in the future. As much as I love the blushes I think the colors are a bit fading yet I like them very strong and showing. Zara Beauty has nothing to envy the luxury versions in terms of the power of pigments and long-lasting. I would say I like this collection even more than the ones I have from Dior or YSL.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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