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Review 2022: The new Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation

Hello guys, I hope you are all doing fine ❤️. While buying a lot of cosmetics as usual I received many free samples of the Diorskin nude air serum foundation. I looked everywhere for the full size to buy but I don’t know if it was a limited edition or it wasn’t a success so they stop selling it.

You would think why I am trying out the Diorskin Nude Air serum/foundation if it’s sold out everywhere? Well, I read many interesting things that really got my attention thing :

  • Oxygen Activ Technology – innovative combination of plant oils, vitamins and minerals with hyper-oxygenated cranberry oil to freshen the skin
  • Anti0xidants for long term skin improvement
  • Anti-pollution action to protect skin from environmental aggressors
  • SPF25
  • Soft focus agents with glazed pigments to conceal blemishes and create an even radiant complexion
  • Talc- free, weightless formula
  • Volatile oils evaporate instantly
  • Dropper that delivers the perfect amount of product

My lastest review 💜

Diorskin Nude Air Serum/foundation – First Impression :

On the packaging side, from what I saw online the bottle is definitely luxurious. We can easily recognize the sober yet beautifully looking bottle of Dior, with a nice polished glass, decorated with a silver pipette engraved with the name of the product.

I really like the bottle, not only it’s a foundation but it will look beautiful as a decoration on your vanity. The Diorskin Nude Air is supposed to be ultra-fluid like a serum with a bare skin effect, revealing radiance. When I opened the sample, it was superfluid I was surprised, almost like water. It is very natural, with a zero material effect, as light and beneficial as a breath of air, which corrects and sublimates in transparency.

I took before and after pictures, so you can see the coverage, the lightweight, and how glowy it makes the skin. The shade I had was 020 which is a light beige, it’s a bit dark for me to be honest. I think I am more 010 Ivory.

Natural skin VS Skin with DiorSkin Nude Air

Here is my DiorSkin Nude Air review :

First things first, I think that you need to shake the bottle before using the foundation. Since the formula is talc-free oils that evaporate right away, they can tend to separate in the bottle. Before applying the foundation, I only used my La Neige water sleeping mask to prepare my skin: it applied beautifully on top. I used a beauty blender and I immediately could see that it soak off because it dries quickly.

The coverage is lightweight to give you that “perfect skin” look. It corrects your complexion, hides your redness, and gives you a glowing-looking face. The finish is LUMINOUS, not oily but beautifully glowy. It’s not the best finish for people with oily skin like me but a good powder does the job ( I use the Laura Mercier one). A ++ for me is that you feel like you have nothing on your skin even if you powder on top of it.

Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation worth buying?

I really like this foundation, its formula is truly beautiful and lightweight. Even after powdering my face I still had the glowy finish and I love that. I have been wearing it for about 8 hours and It didn’t cake or spread. It did fade a bit where I was wearing my glasses but that does surprise me.

If you ever find it, go for it because it held well for hours and my skin looked radiant all this without having a feeling of wearing anything on my face.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

Have you tried the Diorskin Nude air? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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