Review 2022: I tried the new Clarins Skin Illusion Velvet

Review 2022: I tried the new Clarins Skin Illusion Velvet

Hello darlings, new foundation new review šŸ˜ ! Today we are testing out the new Clarins Skin Illusion velvet. This new release is the brother of the skin illusion hydration.

Clarins Skin Illusion Velvet foundation is a matte foundation with caring ingredients to give you a nude-looking face. In short, a matte but not dry skin. I have oily skin so I was excited to receive a sample in my purchases to try it out.

“The famous Clarins Skin Illusion serum foundation is now available in a matte version, which looks just as natural. Only a few drops are needed to even out your skin and make it more beautiful. The skin will be less shiny after use and imperfections are softened. The skin feels velvety soft after use.”

Clarins Skin Illusion Velvet foundation ā€“ First Impression :

Clarins Skin Illusion Velvet foundation comes in 28 shades and is a reformulation and repackaged version of their existing Skin Illusion Foundation. First things first the packaging: it comes in this small yet beautiful glass bottle with a gold cap. Unlike the hydration version of the Skin Illusion that had a dropper, the velvet version has a pump because the foundation is quite runny.

I prepared my skin with my usual products and used very few on my face. The first thing I’ve noticed is that it dries super fast. Even tho the color of the sample I had was too dark for me, once I applied the rest of my makeup it looked GOOD. The foundation has medium coverage, so a little goes a long way.

Here is my Clarins Skin Illusion Velvet review :

I love how easily this foundation applies, and how instantly it dries matte. Fact is, it’s on the natural and beautiful looking matte, and not the ugly one that makes you look like you have 1000 Foundation layers on your face like on my last review. If you see my before and after pictures you can clearly see that my skin still looks “natural” and to be honest you don’t feel like you are wearing anything because the foundation is so lightweight. I also noticed that it almost doesnā€™t transfer while wearing the mask and I think that’s definitely a plus.

I have been wearing the Skin Illusion Velvet the whole day, and god knows how much I move šŸ˜‚ and it lasted perfectly without me having to worry about my makeup. I’d also say, my concealer, blush, and bronzer applied and lasted beautifully on top of it. I did powder my undereye with my usual Laura Mercier powder but it didnā€™t change how beautifully my concealer lasted.

Is the Clarins Skin Illusion Velvet worth buying?

Overall, this is a beautiful matte foundation with nice ingredients making it not only good for your skin but made to last all day. I love how I didnā€™t need to touch up, or how I didnā€™t look cakey at all.

I definitely recommend it to you guys, just don’t forget this is not the type of foundation you will be layering if you do you will definitely lose the natural, your skin but better look. You have to apply it carefully and in small amounts for a natural result.

I don’t party a lot but I am keeping this foundation for special occasions, because not only do you feel like you have nothing on your skin, it gives you this beautiful matte skin that also lasts all day. What can we ask more?

Itā€™s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soonšŸ’•

Have you tried Clarins Skin Illusion Velvet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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