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Review 2022: Trying the new Versed Instant Resurfacing Mask

Am I late for the Versed Instant Resurfacing Mask? Yes, I am. I am sorry you guys, but this small mask was sold out for months EVERYWHERE. I finally have it and we are about to test Versed Instant Resurfacing Mask together.

A must-have for those wanting to achieve a salon-grade facial from the comfort of your own home, this Doctor’s Visit Instant Resurfacing Mask grants a pro-grade facial with visible results and without irritation. Cult Beauty

  • versed resurfacing mask review blog
  • versed resurfacing mask review blog
  • Rania - Urbeautyspot - versed resurfacing mask review blog

Good to know:

HOW: Apply a thin, even layer to clean, dry skin and rinse with cool water after 2-3 minutes. Do not leave it on for more than 3 minutes. Avoid using other acid-based products and retinoids for 24 hours before and after each use.
WHERE: Entire face, avoiding eye area. 
WHEN: Once a week, ideally at night, after cleansing (and toning) but before moisturizing. See full results in four uses, and continue using the resurfacing mask weekly to maintain them.

My last review ❤️

Versed Instant Resurfacing Mask – First Impression:

Starting with the packaging, it’s super cute and minimalistic. It comes in this green box where on top you find what’s made for: Aging skin and dullness. The mask texture is similar to jelly, but once it melts it becomes so smooth. It has no particular smell but it reminds me of the bobble’s water toys The Instant Resurfacing mask contains both AHA and BHA. But also some pineapple and papaya enzymes to take off any layers of dead skin cells and trapped bacteria.

I think I received the mask at the perfect time. I have my period and my skin gets crazy. When I break out, I have these acne blemishes that are hard to fade away and I don’t know why. I applied a generous amount of product to my whole face. Then, I waited for 2-3 minutes and washed my face with warm water.

Here is my Versed Instant Resurfacing Mask review:

Rania - Urbeautyspot - versed resurfacing mask review

Because it contains AHA, BHA, and pineapple enzymes I thought it was going to tickle but it didn’t. I had very glowy skin after washing it off. My skin looked healthy. I want to raise awareness about the fact that this mask’s results aren’t immediate. Meaning that the glowy face isn’t the final result. This mask results only show after a few weeks of usage.

I noticed my blemishes fade away day after day after using the Instant Resurfacing Mask. I really think it helped exfoliate my skin and give it the brightness and clearness it needed. Unlike similar products that tend to dry my skin, the mask didn’t have that effect.

It definitely helped turnover my dead skin cells and decreased my large pore. This mask also helped to rebalance my natural moisture barrier resulting in the glow you see at the end of my Tiktok video. I will update you soon with more pictures through time so you can see my skin’s evolution.

Is it worth buying?

A big YES! It was worth the hype. It really is a great affordable mask for those who are scared to use peeling ( such as the ordinary one) or are used to using retinoids. The ingredients are amazing: glycerin, glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, papaya enzyme, pineapple enzyme, lactobacillus ferment extract, turmeric root extract, lactobacillus ferment, and many botanical extracts that are too numerous to name here.

Keep in mind that this is not a miracle product that will work 2 minutes after the first, the results come after each week of usage. I personally loved it and enjoyed the experience of this mask: from the texture until the results.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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