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Review: Discover the new MY PERIOD – LA CURE Payot

Payot MY PERIOD – LA CURE Discovery 💜

Hello lovers, I haven’t written a review for a while, I wasn’t really motivated… But I am back and with a review on a New skincare release. Payot launched this cure called MY PERIOD – LA CURE. You might have guessed, this Payot cure is for the skin during one of the hardest periods that women have to go through during the month.

Payot MY PERIOD – LA CURE is a cure with botanical extracts that promises to balance the skin during the female cycle. A cure of 9 serums to be started from the first day of menstruation and for 9 consecutive days, to accompany women during their female cycle and to rebalance the skin during the period of menstruation.

The new Payot MY PERIOD – LA CURE is composed of 9 serums of 1,5ML each. You only use it once a day. If you read the warning in the back it says you need to avoid UV, so I have been using it only at night.

Let’s try out this new Payot MY PERIOD – LA CURE

My latest review.

My First Impression- Payot MY PERIOD – LA CURE:

HELLO, packaging 😍. The Payot MY PERIOD – LA CURE packaging is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen until now. Women’s bodies are showing how beautiful and sexy they are even hormonal change periods, in different colors, the same as the serums ones.

3 tailor-made formulas, in response to the three different problems to which the skin is subjected during this delicate period:

The Payot MY PERIOD – LA CURE promises a more balanced skin, a reduction of imperfections and discomfort, and a diminishing of the signs of fatigue.


I used the first, on the first day, and the second day. Then I realized that you can use one serum for at least 3 days. Because to be honest, when you hear 1,5ML per serum you say it’s few. Once you start applying it especially that the consistency of the serums is watery or oily. You really need only a few for your full face.

I feel like it’s just a marketing matter to say you have to use one each-day. This would mean that you need to use the cure every day for nine days and re-buy it again for the next month. The Payot MY PERIOD – LA CURE costs 26,50€ which is a bit expensive. For this price – or more- you can buy a cream or a serum that will help you regenerate your skin, give you the hydration you need, and take away your pimples.

I started using this cure for 6 days, and then I decided to read the ingredients. I wasn’t very happy about them. For me, if a brand wants to create some skincare especially for one of the hardest periods of the month. At least they should do a clean composition.

Zoom on the ingredients :

The Purifying Serum:

The 4th ingredient is PEG-40 HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL is irritating, potentially carcinogenic, and very polluting (Sources David Suzuki and Génération cobaye). The ingredient on the top of the INCI list has the most concentration.

I hate skincare with fragrance inside, I think in 2020 skincare should ban this ingredient simply because it ads no good. Synthetic perfumes can generate irritations, asthma, migraines, contain phthalates, allergens, etc… (Source David Suzuki).

The two last ingredients: the CI 19140 and the CI 42090 are very disturbing. The first one is a derivation from coal tar, a carcinogenic chemical substance obtained from petroleum – May contain nanoparticles-, and the second is derived from coal tar, a cancer-causing chemical obtained from petroleum. Both pieces of information form the same source : (Source David Suzuki)

The Energising Serum:

The first ingredient that gets my intentions is “Alcohol Denat.. This alcohol is the INCI name used to qualify denatured alcohol. It is simply ethanol that has been rendered unfit for consumption. This type of alcohol is drying and irritating. Indeed, alcohol eliminates the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier which protects us from external aggressions (drying effect). Our skin is thus sensitized and can thus be irritated. I also believe that alcohol is one of the ingredients that will make your skin grow old FAST.

Once again, 3 of the last ingredients are as bad as the 3 last ones in the energizing serum.

The Apaisant Serum:

On the other side, this serum overall is fine. If you have no problem with fragrance then you can use it.

Is it worth buying?

NO. I didn’t see any change in my skin. In 9 days, I think you will see your skin changing -alone- since the hormonal production decreases. You can also use targeted products, like drying solutions on the pimples, a hydration gel or cream on the rest of the face, vitamin C, E whatever. For the price, I think it’s too much for the results you will be getting. Also, for the ingredients concretely speaking you will find better, that will last more than 9 days -Daaah-.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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