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Hello lovers 💕,

I don’t know if you knew, but Sephora launched her own Fragrance Collection. They called it DO NOT DRINk 🍸.

We must admit, what the hell is this name? I mean who drinks perfume? At first, I really didn’t understand this name. I went to the shop a week after the launch, and with the first bottle I’ve tried, I knew.

The new DO NOT DRINK collection is all about fruit. 🍉 🍎 🍓 🍒 🍇 🍍 🍌 🍑 🍏 🍊 🍋 They smell heavenly good. You’d mistake them with juice.

SEPHORA COLLECTION brings its vision of perfumery with the new range
DO NOT DRINK*: creative fragrances, surprising olfactory encounters, and 87% of naturally occurring ingredients.

The collection is colorful, cheap and yet looks refined.

So let’s jump in.

My latest review:

First Impression:

I will start with the packaging. I really think it’s so cute. Sober and simple. When I first smelled the perfume, it reminded me of the Guerlain Aqua Allegoria collection which is very fruity and pricy.

The Sephora DO NOT DRINK* Collection is a gourmet fragrance with 6 tastes. These are perfumes for EVERYONE. From the freshest to the most intense, the range offers a wide olfactory palette. So that everyone can find their favorite scent of the moment!

Not only the DO NOT DRINK* Collection smells good, but the packaging was also developed with the responsible approach: The cardboard comes from sustainably managed forests The packaging is printed with plant-based inks The bottle and packaging are fully recyclable.

I like that the bottle slides out from the packaging. If you like to keep your packages I think it’s cute, and doesn’t take a lot of space.

They say this a uni-sex fragrances, well I really don’t think so. I really think not all men would appreciate this kind of fruity fragrance.


I bought one small bottle, because I have at least 15 perfumes in my collections, and wanted something for my bag. The small bottle is really cute. Doesn’t look or feel cheap. If you take the bigger bottle it’s so classy.

The new DO NOT DRINK fragrances come in 3 formats: 50ml, 30ml & 10ml – to come with you everywhere you go!

I’ve tried all the fragrances, Some of them do give you headaches. But, I believe that this is the main reason why you have diversity in this range. You can’t like them all.

The fragrances don’t last more than 5 hours. In the beginning, the smell is very strong and as the smell changes, it becomes very light and discreet.

The range is composed with 6 delicious fragrances 😋.

💖 Jasmine + Pink Pepper Eau de Parfum 💖

Scent: Spicy blend
Favorite thing about myself: I will bring you into the heart of a blooming garden.
My Mantra: Peace & Love!✌️

Picture by: @louise.gdw

💛 Vanilla + Sea Salt Eau de Parfum 💛

Scent: Sweet & salty blend
Favorite thing about myself: I will make you travel far away thanks to my sweet oriental scent!
My mantra: Be intense & sweet at the same time!

Picture by: @louise.gdw

🧡 Mandarin + Matcha Eau de Parfum 🧡

Scent: Refreshing blend
Favorite thing about myself: I will accompany you during your summer parties thanks to my fresh & tangy notes!
My mantra: Be a fragrance that pops!🍾

💙 Sauge + Tonka Eau de Parfum 💙

Scent: Delicious and bold blend.
Favorite thing about myself: Succumb to this detonating and energizing fragrance that blends warm scents of tonka bean and aromatic notes of sage.
My mantra: The association between the crunchiness of sage and the burning sensuality of the Tonka Bean.

Picture by: @louise.gdw

❤️ Tart Water Blackcurrant + Passion Eau de Parfum ❤️

Scent: Vitamin smoothie Blend.
Favorite thing about myself: The green freshness of the blackcurrant bud is mixed with the tasty flesh of the passion fruit.
My mantra: Addictive Fragrance.

💜 Full-Bodied Iris Water + Mocha Eau de Parfum 💜 

Scent: Intense and irresistible.
Favorite thing about myself: I am the messenger between the Olympia of the gods and the land of mortals has thrown a bridge in the sky: a rainbow also called “Iris scarf”.
My mantra: Overdose of character for this floral “shot” as intense as it is irresistible.

The last one is my favorite. Really smells like an expensive brand perfume.

Is it worth buying?

YES. For the price you are paying, it’s worth it. I really love the concept. The prices are very affordable.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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