Cuori Di Sfogliatella In Napoli

Review – I Tasted The New Cuori Di Sfogliatella In Napoli

Hello Loves, Merry Christmas 🎄 ! Each year and for the past 2 years I go to Naples at Christmas. While walking in the center I discovered this place beautifully looking pastry: Cuori di Sfogliatella di Napoli 🥐 .

My lastest review 💜

The Neapolitan patisserie is one of the best in Italy. Cuori di Sfogliatella is Antonio Ferrieri’s pastry shop that we can translate into English to “Hearts of Sfogliatella”. In the very central via Toledo, a few steps from Galleria Umberto I, Teatro San Carlo, and Piazza del Plebiscito. The pastry shop has become one of the city’s gastronomic excellences, a destination for tourists who want to taste Neapolitan specialties known throughout the world.

As a tourist and while walking the beauty of this shop got my attention ( yes, I love colory, good looking shops 😂 ). I must admit it looked super Instagramable and I couldn’t resist it. The Cuori di Sfogliatella looks very unique, young, and innovative place both for the furniture and the urban glam style.

The marketing girl I am is going to speak to you hahaha. This pastry is one of the instagrammable places in Naples. The shop has an entire wall for social media: a set of beautiful pink hearts with the company’s new claim: Always put your heart to do things, written in neon. A perfect set to allow all customers to take funny pictures and Instagram the most famous dessert of the Neapolitan culinary tradition.

Beautifully looking pastries, but do the pastries of Cuori Di Sfogliatella taste good ?

I took 4 different things even tho they had way more varieties : 3 different types of Sfogliatella and a Konosfoglia. For those who don’t know what is a Sfogliatella, it’s a typical sweet from Campania. Definitely, one of the most loved traditional sweets of Italy. It’s available in two possible variants: shortcrust, in case it is prepared with short pastry, or curly when it is prepared with puff pastry. Sfogliatella is a very famous sweet and it is particularly common during Christmas time.

To be honest, it’s so good. It’s crunchy and super flavored. Inside is full of whatever flavor you choose. I am unfortunately a traditional one so I really enjoyed the chocolate. The other flavors were: ricotta e pera and pastiera. My family loved them so overall it’s super good.

The Konosfoglia is basically a soft Sfogliatella cut in half and filled with dark chocolate until it hardens, then they add ice cream and whatever topping you want. I choose Ruby Rubacuori with pink chocolate, pink praline, and multicolor freckles. It was a ” délice ” as french would say.

Regarding the prices, I am not sure how much each Sfogliatella costs but if you are curious I paid 13,00€.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon 💕

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Cuori Di Sfogliatella

“Many hearts, in just one pastry”

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