Review: I tested the new Cucumber Mask of Biocyte

Cucumber Mask of Biocyte Discovery 💜

Hello lovers, I know I disappeared but, to be honest, I lost a bit of motivation. However, I am back at least on my blog. Before I delete my Instagram account, I had still partnerships running such as the one with Biocyte. They sent me two of their product. Today, I tested the Cucumber mask of Biocyte.

We all know that excessive sebum production leads to oily skin. The abundant sebum can clog pores resulting in the appearance of enlarged pores and blackheads. It also promotes the proliferation of bacteria and consequently the outbreak of pimples. Result, the skin texture is irregular with an effect of oily skin, prone to imperfections.

The Cucumber Mask by Biocyte is a facial designed to rebalance and purify oily skin with imperfections: with cucumber extract and Tea Tree oil, it mattifies the skin while fighting against imperfections.

Since I have been going to work, I have to wear a mask 😷. I also have my period so my skin is a bit going crazy, and like many of you, Sunday is my skincare day so decided to test.

Let’s try out this Cucumber Mask by Biocyte

My latest review.

My First Impression- Cucumber Mask by Biocyte:

Like always, we start with the packaging. I really like it, very sober and simple like any sheet mask. There are cucumbers all over the first side of the packaging. From a marketing point of view, I really like it, because the same green of the cucumbers is re-used for the writing and the different details. I really find it beautiful to look at.

When you flip the other side you find the description of the mask in both languages: French and English and I find this super cool, because usually, brands don’t think of this small detail yet very useful. We also find the directions for use, illustrations of how to use, and the ingredients.

I was very surprised when I first opened the mask because I love the sheet ones, I have used many. Yet, I have never tried one with double protection. The mask is very soft, fits perfectly in the skin, and is transparent. I really liked the texture, however, is not the most dipped mask, I have ever tried.

The promise of the Cucumber Mask by Biocyte mask, due to the most present ingredient which is Cucumber, is to regulates the production of sebum, purifies and mattifies the skin. Accompanied with Tea Tree oil content, this cucumber Mask promises to help to prevent the appearance of pimples and blackheads, in order to even out skin texture.

How to use the product?

  • Apply to previously cleansed and dried skin. Remove the first braided paper. Apply the Cucumber Mask all over the face and remove the second woven paper.
  • Press lightly with fingertips to ensure that the Cucumber Mask adheres to the skin and that no air bubbles have formed.
  • Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then remove the mask. Massage in the remaining serum. Apply once a week.

Who should use it?

  • People with oily and shiny skin: Those who are prone to imperfections.
  • For those who want a purifying and mattifying treatment.


I am a bit disappointed because the mask isn’t dipped in a lot of product. However, I really love the feeling and the material of it. I kept it for 20 mins when I took it off, my skin was matte, it looked hydrated and I had period pimples in the chin area they were less red and smaller ( less painful also). What every intrigued me is how fast the mask worked on the pimples, but I think it’s due to the tea-tree oil ingredients. I can also say my pores look tighter even tho I don’t have big ones, but felt and looked good.

The ingredients overall are fine, nothing to really worry about. However, like always the ingredient that got my intention and that disturbs me each-time I see it in skincare: Perfume. I really don’t get it, it could cause a lot of irritation for many people, it’s issueless. I rather have good ingredients, and a product without a smell, that one that smells good but yet with the fragrance or perfume ingredient that might hurt your skin.

Is it worth buying?

To be honest, I really like it, you see the effect 20 mins after using it. The mask is super soft. I woke up the next day with definitely fewer imperfections, a very soft glowy skin, and the two huge pimples I had are smaller. However, I forgot to speak about the price. I think it’s a bit expensive because 1 box of 4 masks cost 26,20€. You can have a drying solution for the same price or less that you will use for months. For me, it really depends on your budget, I personally would buy it and use it when my skin needs it the most.

Promo code:

The brand is very kind and gave me a promo code that you could use on their website.

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It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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