Review: I Tested the New SheGlam Makeup Collection: Stay Wild

SheGlam Makeup discovery ♡

Hello lovers 💕,

After months & months of skincare reviews, I am finally back with a new makeup review. We are going to speak about the SheGlam makeup line that Shein created.

I am pretty sure, that Shein’s beauty range has been existing since the beginning of the creation of the website. However, I am not sure if what I am saying is true. I think they just finally gave it a name.

So, I’ve seen all over Instagram, pictures of some of the new palettes of the SheGlam makeup. They looked very pigmented I was very impressed because the brand is known for cheap products. This led us to this new review.

So let’s jump in.

My latest review:

First Impression:

To be 100% honest with you, I didn’t order everything. In the SheGlam makeup line, you will find anything you need. From face to eyes, to mouth, and lashes. I was very impressed with all the range they had.

While writing this review, I was doing some research so I discovered that they created this SheGlam makeup in November 2019. Almost a year ago, and I just realized so hahaha. For me, I’d say they did to keep it up with the concurrence. ( Boohoo, Berchka, H&M, etc..)

I took two palettes. They reminded me of the Huda Beauty Pastel collection which I didn’t buy.

I took the Rhapsody Palette. It contains pinky and purply colors. The Seafoam Palette a very gorgeous blue and kind of green-blue color. I must say I’ve always ordered palettes online and I never received any as good as those where packed.

I will start with my swatches. Maybe my palettes are a bit dead. If you see my swatches and the ones on Instagram. I think we didn’t receive the same 😂.

Take a look at the ones below, from some Instagram page. They look very pigmented and gorgeous.

I must admit that the colors are magnificent . Here are my swatches:

As you can see the shimmery colors are very pigmented especially in the Rhapsody palette. I mean for the price, the quality is not bad. But still, the colors are gorgeous.

I also took two Jelly Glitters from the Stay Wild collection. The packaging is really cute. It doesn’t look cheap which is very surprising. I have two shades the Icy and the Peacock.

The lashes I’ve taken one was from the Shein collection, and the other was from the SheGlam Stay wild collection. They both had very nice packaging. The one from Shein looks kind of cheap but the other one looks like a brand one.

For the price, you are paying it’s very impressive how gorgeous the packaging is.


I did a makeup look with one of each product I’ve bought. Since I love blue colors I used the Seafoam one with the Peacock Jelly Glitter and the Shein lashes.

Here is the final look:

I didn’t use any eyeshadow base. What I wanted is to see how the colors would look like naturally. I did put concealer on my eyelid: the Touch éclat in the shade N2 from YSL.

I am impressed because the colors were more pigmented once use with a brush. They looked more intense on my eyes. A bit too powdery, but I mean for the price I am surprised.

The jelly ones are gorgeous. Easy to work with, to move, and to place. I used a silicone brush. Once it dries it doesn’t move and doesn’t feel heavy. No fallouts, no shimmers very where.

The lashes are very gorgeous. Very soft, easy to stick, and not heavy at all for someone who doesn’t or never wears eyelashes. I love it.

As you can see the makeup doesn’t look cheap. I am very happy overall.

Is it worth buying?

YES. For the price you are paying, it’s worth the try. I might not buy the eyeshadows again, simply because I don’t use them very often. But the jelly glitter hell yes. The lashes also, I feel like for that price it can never go wrong.

Here is a listing of all the products and the price.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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