Icon fenty beauty's NEW refillable lipsticks

REVIEW 2022: I tested ICON Fenty Beauty refillable lipsticks

Hello loves, today we are going to be reviewing Icon Fenty Beauty’s NEW refillable lipsticks. After surprising us with her pregnancy, Rihanna launched a first-ever refillable lipstick named Icon. This new launch comes in 10 shades that were personally picked by Rihanna. A perfect mix between dark autumn colors, reds, and nudes.

Icon Fenty beauty’s new refillable Lipsticks are a high pigment but low maintenance with a semi-matte finish. If you are wondering what is the star color of this collection, well it’s the shade N01 ” The MVP ” a dark blue-red color that took years to perfect.

I read on Independent Magazin that if you’re a gloss bomb fan, you’d like mixing these together too. “Rihanna is all about layering, we both often think that more is more,” she said, adding that “wearing icon and gloss bomb is game over”.

  • RT - Icon fenty beauty's NEW refillable lipsticks
  • RT - Icon fenty beauty's NEW refillable lipsticks
  • RT - Icon fenty beauty's NEW refillable lipsticks
  • RT - Icon fenty beauty's NEW refillable lipsticks
  • RT - Icon fenty beauty's NEW refillable lipsticks

ICON refillable lipstick – First Impression :

Let’s start with the packaging. Similar to the Gloss Bomb we find the chrome case this time not only on the cap but the whole case. It’s beautifully done, almost feels like an accessory. I have seen many people speak about how smart the refillable idea is, and I think we all agree on that.

However, in France 🇫🇷 the fill costs 21€ and the case 13€ meaning a full product would cost us 34€: quite a budget and a loss if you are willing to buy more than one shade. When I like a product I usually end up buying more than just one, here I’d buy the first case for a first shade and the other for the other, etc…

Today in a world where there are so many brands that offer the same quality and wider color range, I personally wouldn’t stick to Fenty beauty or for the same price I would be adding 7€ more and go for a Gucci lipstick: GORGEOUS packaging.

I accidentally stuck the upper part of my lipstick on the packaging because I didn’t understand how to swap out each bullet in the case. Once I put it inside it took me 2 other mins to understand how to take off the refill 😂. You need engineering skills to figure it out, and I hate it. When I buy a product I just wanna use it, I don’t wanna mess it up 2 seconds later trying to open it.

Here is my tutorial to help you understand and avoid ruining it :

Here is my ICON refillable lipsticks review :

I think colors are more beautiful in real life than the swatches you have seen on social media. I wore the lipstick for half a day and the first thing I noticed is that it feels lightweight and comfortable on the lips. Super creamy, the formula is really soft and nice, making it nearly effortless to apply.

Because it’s a semi-matte it has the satin formula BUT I noticed that if you dab it with your fingers it takes it off and you end up with a full matte finish. When I wore The MVP even through the mask the color stayed beautifully on my lips. I had a few drinks, it did transfer but that’s okay because they don’t claim transfer-free. If you live in a cold city like Paris in winter, I think the texture is perfect. Satin hydrates your lips the whole day even throughout the matte formula.

You can layer it if the first application is not too intense for you. However, you just need to wait for the first coat to dry. I also noticed this with the 001 MVP shade, when you are cleaning it off it makes a mess. Since the colors are really pigment they, unfortunately, stain slightly, especially the reds and the browns.

Before and after using the Icon Lipstick

Is the ICON Fenty Beauty’s new refillable lipsticks worth buying?

I mean YES, but NO, I look crazy. However, even tho the packaging is extremely beautiful, the formula is stunning but it’s not worth the price. I really hate the experience of building this Lipstick. Innovative yes, not easy to use yes. I want a cheap, good-looking, easy-to-use, with a fabulous formula lipstick. Not really looking for a product that makes me feel l like I need an engineering degree to put the lipstick together.

I really was sad when I broke it before even being able to use it. I hated the experience even tho the product itself is cool.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

Have you tried the new ICON Fenty Beauty refillable lipsticks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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