Review & swatches: Limited edition the new Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions

 Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions Discovery 💜

Hello lovers,I am super happy and excited. Few days after the release of the beautiful new Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions palette. As many of you know, or not it’s a limited edition. So if you like it after reading this review GO GET IT NOW!!

This Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions palette stars nine gold-standard shades in three delectable finishes; there are pigment-packed, buttery mattes, metallics that rival liquid gold, and shimmery toppers that emulate the decadence of fine champagne.

Not to mention the all-new texture that features in the endlessly glamorous edit — a pink shimmer and gold metallic base that’s actually adorned with flakes of gold *heart eyes*. Dotting earthy neutrals amongst the varying tones of the titular shade, this palette is a gold mine of versatile, glowing looks…

This Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions palette is a Cultbeauty exclusivity to celebrate selling Huda beauty’s makeup for 5 years. I am not sure if it will be sold on other retailers such as Sephora but for now, you only find it here.

Let’s try out this new Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions

My latest review.

My First Impression- Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions:

You know me, first things first, let’s start with the packaging. The Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions palette has the same packaging as her last mini palette collection the obsessions ones. However, the sticker is different. I actually don’t know how to describe it, but we can say it’s a gold marble graphics with GOLD written in the middle and her name. Nothing so crazy, I do like that it matches the theme of this palette.

If you have some of the mini Huda beauty palettes you’d know that the net weight is 9.9 G unfortunately this is her second release with 5.4G and yet the same price as the old ones. For me this is a big scam because I really don’t understand how you can decrease the net weight but yet sell at the same price, meaning that this palette is way expensive for what you are getting.

Another point I want to speak about is the colors. I have many of Huda Beauty palettes, really like to play with them enjoy the formulas, etc… However, I am a bit tired of these pinky shades everywhere. When I see a gold palette I expect a whole theme of gold. In the 9 shades of this plalette, 4 of them are pink or have pink undertones.

huda beauty gold obsessions palette

This palette has 3 mattes and 6 shimmering shades. The first matte is a pinky beige shade. The second one is a very beautiful deep brown, I love this shade because it marinates so well with the gold. The last one is pink again, but quite more intense than the first.

The first shimmer shade is a baby pink with gold shimmer, the second one is quite similar but with white shimmer. Then we have a gorgeous dark gold, a bronze one. We find another pinky shimmer but this one with more peachy undertones I’d say, and the one next to it is more of a rose gold one with purple shimmers. If you are a Huda Beauty collector you probably have similar shades in your collection. The last one is gold, a very beautiful bright gold that reminds me of Rihanna’s highlighter: Trophy Wife.

huda beauty gold obsessions palette


To be honest, I hate the 4 pink shimmery shades. It’s not the colors but the texture. I find it textured and heavy. I always hated this similar texture in all of her palettes because you get a lot of fallouts, and they don’t apply easily on the eyelid. They also look a bit cakey especially when you want to build them up.

On the other side, I am in love with the 3 other shimmers’ texture. The texture is quite harsh but once you apply them on the lid or even swatch them, they are very bright and radiant. Also, it’s what makes the color pop. The mattes are very basic, nothing too crazy, very pigmented. You will get a bit of fallout, but overall I like them.

This palette is absolutely gorgeous to look at and to play with. However, I am not sure this is a gold one. I think she could’ve named her Rose Gold or something similar because you can’t go far in the looks with it. If you compare it to the other gold palette in the market such as The Natasha Denona one, the too faced, the color pop, and many other, this Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions palette is not going to be able to compete with them.

Is it worth buying?

If you are a collector, then yes definitely worth having. If you are a Huda beauty lover, yes. But overall even if I think that this palette is absolutely stunning I am not sure it’s worth spending money on. I think there is a lot of palettes that are in the same gold range but that are worth having.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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