Review & Swatches: Pixi Beauty +C Vit Brightening new range

Pixi Beauty +C Vit Brightening Discovery 💜

Hello lovers, How are you doing? I am back at you with a new skincare review. I have been off a few times now it’s due to health problems. A few months from now, I received a beautiful package from Pixi with 4 new products they just added to their Vitamin C range.

I was really excited to try this new range because I have never tried a Vitamin C product before, especially a 2 in 1 ( skincare & makeup). As you can see I received 4 gorgeous products in this beautiful PR packaging. As you all already know, using vitamin C has a lot of benefits to the skin:

  • It’s an anti-oxidant and protects the skin from free radicals that age skin,
  • Evens out your overall complexion,
  • Gives you very glowing and plumping skin,
  • Promotes skin regeneration and repair…

Let’s try out this Pixi Beauty +C Vit Brightening range

My latest review:

First Impression on the Pixi Beauty +C Vit Brightening Range


Infused with vitamin C, this tri-phase beauty oil is a revolutionary formula that nourishes, adds radiance, and balances the complexion for radiant skin. This oil absorbs instantly, leaving skin hydrated and smooth, ready for perfect makeup application.


This revolutionary vitamin C-infused complexion perfector blends to give skin a dewy, radiant finish. Formulated to instantly bring luminosity, awaken the complexion and give the skin a youthful glow, this perfector provides hydration for nourished, softer skin. Evens out skin tone blurs imperfections, Illuminates for a radiant glow… You can use it under your makeup or on top.


This Vitamin C lip balm softens lips and adds a touch of color and shine. The +C VIT Lip Balm is a super-nourishing balm that has been formulated to nourish dry lips. Its multi-action formula immediately soothes lips while softening them over time.


This Vitamin C-infused eye contour is formulated to blur signs of fatigue and make skin more radiant for an instant wake-up effect. The refreshing effect brightens and restores radiance to the skin. The addition of illuminating pigments and licorice energize the eye area in an instant.

My opinion:


I really like it because it’s called oil yet it doesn’t feel oily at all. it’s like pumping yourself with water. The skin definitely looks hydrated and glowing and I think it helps to make your foundation last longer. I have oily skin and to be honest it didn’t make me shine more than usual. I also have a huge crush on its packaging, the bottle is absolutely gorgeous. You can see through it the 3 different components. I think it’s really satisfying.


I have a mixed opinion about this because I do like how thick it is. When you apply it to the skin it goes from a white-colored cream to a tinted one. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like it’s a bit red/ orange. If you apply it alone, you will have some marks on your face that doesn’t look so glam, yet it does make your skin color even and helps with the skin texture. I don’t know if I apply it well or it just like that.


I love this balm, you really have no idea. When you want a very beautiful pinky lip, but they are dry this product is just amazing. This Pixi Beauty balm is more like a lip beautifier. The pinkish color will not be very pigmented, it will rather unify the mouth and make it pulpier. The heart of the product contains a balm. The pink of it is very light, almost like a barbie pink.


If you have dehydrated and dull eye contours like me this product is for you! If I had to pick one favorite product of this range it will definitely be this one. Its effect is almost immediate, the difference can be seen in the treated area after only a few applications. In fact, the product is red so it neutralizes the dark contours, and helps to fade signs of fatigue making the skin more radiant for an instant wake-up effect.

Is it worth buying?

I really like all the products, some more than others. But I definitely think it’s worth buying. You are paying for a skincare & makeup product. I love the ingredients of this range/collection. They are really effective so a big YES for me.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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