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Benefit cosmetics They’re real magnet mascara Discovery 💜

Hello lovers, I am back at you again with the new review, on a new release. I had the chance to be part of the campaign of the release and I received the mascara at the beginning of February. Benefit Cosmetics launched they’re real magnet mascara, and I am about to give you my honest review on it.

I don’t know about you but I have a few of my favorite mascaras that I don’t change. So I was really excited when I got chosen by Benefit Cosmetics to actually try out they’re real magnet mascara.

Known for its iconic They’re Real Lengthening Mascara, Benefit Cosmetics introduces its new EXTREME Length Mascara with MAGNETIC Strength: They’re Real Magnet! Its lengthening brush, with a magnetic core, stretches the mineral-enriched formula to extend lashes beyond their natural length.

Let’s try out this They’re Real Magnet Mascara 

My latest review.

My First Impression- They’re Real Magnet Mascara:

Like always, we start with the packaging. I must admit that it’s super cute. I really like the magnet on the top of the tube. Overall the packaging is very simple.

One of the things I really still don’t understand is the brush. When I open my mascara the brush is actually black, yet if you see the pictures on Sephora it’s grey. So I really don’t get why this difference between reality and the commercial.

If you don’t know the Benefit They’re Real Magnet is an updated version of the very know Benefit cosmetics mascara They’re real original. This new magnet version has a lengthening brush, with a magnetic core, stretches the mineral-enriched formula to extend lashes beyond their natural length…

The Extending brush with zig-zag bristles and a Magnetic strength heart can deploy lashes beyond their natural tip.
– A brush that’s both stiff and soft at the same time.
– A brush with a magnetic core to stretch the mineral-enriched formula.
– Zig-zag bristles to extend, separate, and define lashes.

The promise of this mascara:

To play with your power of attraction, this mascara promises :
– Lengthening effect 36h,
– Water-resistant,
– Does not sink,
– Does not crumble,
– Ultra-deep black.


I will start with the brush, I don’t think it’s something revolutionary. For me, it looks like the original mascara, and like a lot of mascaras in the market such as loreal ones, etc…

This formula for me is a bit on the thinner side. This means that you are getting length but not too much volume. However, with the magnetic components, it’s supposed to give you volume also. I have small lashes, very thin ones also. As you can see in the picture, my lashes are long, very dark. Yet they look a bit weird right?

I really like the brush, because gives you what you need of the product, so you can get the perfect amount you need to make your lashes look gorgeous. Yet, I don’t think it’s buildable. As you can see my lashes look weird because I coated them.

This mascara claims 36-hour lengthening, to be honest, I didn’t keep it for that long, because we are in lockdown so no parties after work hahaha 🤣. On the other hand, I was watching a romantic movie on Netflix, ended up crying and the mascara didn’t move or flake so the water-resistance claim is real.

Is it worth buying?

I am really confused, I really don’t know what to think. I think it’s a good mascara, yet I don’t see the magnetic effect. For me, it’s like the original version. Nothing too different. If it wasn’t gifted to me, I think I would never buy it and for sure I will never buy it again.

I would recommend it because it’s good, but not for my mascara standard.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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