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SUPER MASQUE discovery ♡

Hello lovers 💕,

I went to the supermarket for a few months, was looking for a new product to use for my hair. Lucky me I found this new hair mask called: Super Masque Nutrition Intense et Longue Durée by Fructis the new healthy brand of products from Garnier.

A few days ago I received one of their products. I actually had a collaboration with them of the Fructis banana range. I will be reviewing that soon.

The Super Masque Nutrition is a double-sided mask that you use once. I was very tempted because I simply never seen something similar and it was new. So here we are with a new review.

I actually bought 10 that I’ve all used, and I went to buy 3 others.

Let’s see how worth it is this product.

So, let us jump in.

My latest review

First Impression:

I thought it was very cool to actually have a double-sided mask. Instead of buying two, you get 2 for one and really like the idea. It was coconut based so I was very happy because I use coconut oil in my hair routine. I know how good it is for the hair, and how beautiful and healthy it makes your hair.

Obviously I did do a quick scan in my favorite application Yuka, the score wasn’t so good. I will let you a screen so you see for yourself. I ended buying the mask anyways.

The super masque nutrition is a double-sided mask that you use in 2 steps. The first step is a coconut oil mask that aims to deeply nourish the hair. You apply it to the lengths and does not need to be rinsed off. After this first step, you apply Step 2 which is an extender with the aim of “lastingly fixing the nutrition”. You keep it 3 minutes before rinsing. This super masque nutrition is supposed to work and to be effective until the 4th shampoo.


The first thing I will say is that your hair will smell amazing for 24 hours. I really like this Super Masque Nutrition. You feel like you are on some island and washed your hair with some coconut water🥥 🌴

They say to keep the step 1 and 2 for about 3 minutes, I actually like to keep it for about 10. I do my body hair and face care while I rub my hair in a shower cap 🚿 🧢

Since we have two steps in a mask which is not the usual, I was very scared that washing it away would take too long ( I hate that). I was happily surprised because with one wash the whole mask was gone.

As you all know I don’t use any blow-dry on my hair after the shower. Once my hair was dry it was super straight with no knots, no frizz, and no foamy hair. My lengths are super soft and my whole hair smells super good. Good in a very natural coconut smell 🥥.

Is it worth buying?

If you don’t give a lot of importance to the ingredients this one is for you. The price-quality ratio is worth it, and for a small budget you get big results so why not? Give it a try and you won’t regret it I promise.

It is time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon

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