Prisme Libre Pressed Powder from Givenchy Beauty review

Testing the new Prisme Libre Pressed Powder from Givenchy Beauty

Hello gorgeous! Givenchy sent me their new Prisme Libre Pressed Powder and we are going to test it together. I am excited because I always make sure that my makeup is 💯 matte.

Prisme Libre Pressed Powder from Givenchy Beauty is the new makeup essential for a shine-free, unified complexion anytime, anywhere. Offering 12-hour correction and 24-hour matte wear. This new release is the compact version of the famous translucent Prisme powder.

We can use separately the 4 shades or mix them all together. They sent me the shade N1 called MOUSSELINE PASTEL composed of four colors that even out skin tone, enhance radiance and keep shine under control.

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Prisme Libre Pressed Powder – First Impression:

You hear Givenchy you think luxurious packaging. Well, we are served. The powder case is black with the brand’s logo on the lid and the embossing of the same name on the powder itself. The case contains double sides. The first opening is equipped with a mirror and a brush for a comfortable application of the product on the skin. In the second one, you find the beautiful powder divided into 4 shades.

Since we tried together Huda Beauty’s pink powder I am excited for this one. One of my concerns as soon as I opened the powder was whether the shades will match my foundation or change its color. Mixed or used separately both ways worked pretty nicely for me. The shades on the skin melt like butter.

Two of the shades are made to color-correct your skin tone. The green powder corrects any redness while the purple tone neutralizes sallow, yellow tones in your complexion. The other two shades claim to boost your skin’s radiance with light adaptable pigments. These pigments adjust to any environment to give you a glowy appearance.

Here is my Prisme Libre Pressed Powder review:

The shade I have is N1 – MOUSSELINE PASTEL. I think this shade is perfect for people with fair skin tones. I tried using both beauty-blender and brush applications and I love both. If you want more of a baking effect use a sponge. Use a brush if you are looking for a set look. I love using the green shade on my pimples and red area it neutralizes them immediately.

I love how a little product goes a long way. The powder is buildable and doesn’t give you the powdered face look. Many powders have that “white” finish, the Givenchy one just perfectly melts into your skin like butter 🧈 . It also sets your under eyes perfectly and help your skin and foundation smoother, looking even better.

The Prisme Libre Pressed Powder does live up to its promise of brightening and mattifying the skin. As a finishing powder, it also helps your makeup last a little bit longer than usual. It is light white, doesn’t leave a white finish, and gives you a better color corrected finish.

Is it worth buying?

I really love it. From the packaging, the logo on the powder, and the idea. I love everything about it. This is a perfect powder for normal to oily skin people, it will help them set their foundation or concealer, blurring every redness or dark spot. But surprisingly, dry skin can also use this powder but only on the areas, they want a brighter and more even tone.

If you are looking for the perfect balance of matte and glowy skin you will appreciate the Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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