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The Healthy, Natural way to Dye Hair at Home: Henna Dye.

Henna Dye Hair at Home discovery ♡

Hello lovers 💕,

I know I promised this post article a week ago, however, I had a little bit too much work. Sorry, you guys. So today we are here to speak about the hair, and how to dye it naturally at home. From my stories, I think you understood it was a henna dye.

I dyed my hair for the first time a year ago, on my birthday. It was a kind of healthy way but definitely not natural. My hair was so beautiful I will try to show you a picture of that.
A year after, I am a bit tired of my color, and I want a little bit of change. During the confinement as many of you saw I cut my hair by myself. Few days after that I decided to try a different color. I tried once and never showed it to you guys because I didn’t let the dye too much in my hair (30min).

At first, I was very scared of the Henna dye, because of its color. I did some research and discovered that so many brands do henna dye in multiple colors: blond, red, black…

Henna hair color is viewed as a decent conditioner for hair, so it can make it more grounded, thicker, and increasingly sparkling. It might likewise help reestablish the regular pH equalization of hair and scalp!

So, let us jump in.

My latest review

How to make this dye

This is not the last recipe you are probably going to see, I did a BIG order from Aroma Zone, I will receive this week and I will start showing you hair and body recipes.

You need Henna for blond hair, you can find it in any drug store, on Aroma Zone or any similar seller, natural honey, and Curcuma. Since the Henna and Curcuma might make your hair a bit dry, I advise you to apply sunflower oil or coconut all over your hair. I don’t recommend olive oil I feel like it makes the hair even more orange.

You boil water, add the henna first, follow with the Curcuma powder, and finish with the honey. Most people like it to be more of a mud texture I like it to be a bit liquidy. I know it gets a bit messy when applying it on the hair, this is why you need to be in the bathroom even better if you can apply it in the bath. Once done put a plastic bag on your hair, once covered add a towel. The more your hair is going to sweat the better.

This is 2 in 1 because it’s not only going to color your hair, but it will also treat them.

How Long Does Henna Stay in Your Hair?

Henna is a permanent hair dye. The color will be brighter and more intense the next day after you have dyed your hair. The color stays as intense as the first day for about 4 to 6 weeks. I noticed that it starts to fade gradually after that, but I am not sure if it ever goes away completely and you get to have your natural back.

You should not use it more than once a month.

You must also know that if you ever get bored of the color and want to change, it may be difficult to go lighter in color. It might take one year sometimes less so you can do that. But it depends on your hair.

Henna Will Not Necessarily Even-Out Your Hair Color

I happened to have darker roots so if it’s the same for you and or have a different color than the rest of your hair at first, it’s definitely going to be the same when you’re finished.

Henna can cover gray hair, but it’s a slightly extra process.

The products I used

I use this curcuma:

This Henna:

The honey I bought it from Morroco, from a farmer. I think you can find the same in Carrefour on the bio side.

Before & After Pictures

It is time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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