La poudre eclat exfoliante Clarification

Trying the new FACIAL SCRUB by clarification

Hello darlings, I was gifted 2 products from clarification that we will be reviewing together in 2 different articles. Today, we are starting with the Facial Scrub. To be honest, I didn’t know the brand and I am very excited to discover it with you guys.

Clarification is a brand that offers 100% natural, water-free and vegan skincare products, with minimalist ingredient lists and products that are respectful of the skin and the environment, made in France.

Good to know:

🥕 Yuka rating: 100/100
🌱 100% naturally derived ingredients
🇫🇷 Care made in France

“We use many cosmetic products daily. The challenge today is to reduce their negative impact on the skin & the environment by consciously intervening in each link of the chain.” – Clara, founder

My last review ❤️

The Facial Scrub – First Impression :

Staring with the packaging, the Facial Scrub comes in this small yet 100% recyclable aluminum container. It opens like a bottle: you need to turn the gold cup to open it. As you can see in the pictures we find a lot of small holes where the powder goes out from.

The Facial Scrub is made with rice powder & chamomile extracts and other 6 natural ingredients. No essential oil, no preservative, no alcohol… the good smell is also natural (I personally love it, smells like cocooning).

I think you are asking how many times we can use this product because it looks quite small? Well, Clarification promises between 50 to 55 uses. I personally do scrubs one to two times a week and if you are like me, it should last around 6 to 12 months.

The Radiance Powder is an exfoliant that gently exfoliates sensitive skin. Rid of dead cells and impurities, the skin regains its natural luminosity. Its sprinkle format is plastic-free and 100% recyclable aluminum. Let’s put it to the test 😍.

Here is my Clarification Facial Scrub review:

First thing, read the instructions, don’t be stupid like me 😂. At first, I thought we should put the product in the palm of our hand and wet it ( quite messy don’t try it out 😒).

You start with humidifying your face as well as your hands then you put a little of the powder in the hollow of your hand. Then, rub it between your hands and start delicately to apply it to your face. You will start to feel that powder is no longer soft that’s when you know you are doing it right.

I took pictures before and after to show you what my skin looks like, and you can definitely see the GLOW that we love. The exfoliating is very effective, I love how my skin looks and feels after using the Facial Scrub. However, a few days later, I tried it again and I had pimples on my face. I have to admit that I am not really convinced that this powder is suitable for sensitive skin. Simply because I think it was a bit harsh, my small pimples became irritated and they bleed a bit.

  • La poudre eclat exfoliante Clarification
  • La poudre eclat exfoliante Clarification
  • La poudre eclat exfoliante Clarification

I woke up the next morning with the same glow and my makeup applied beautifully. I’ve already used a similar product from another brand but to be honest I didn’t see the same long-lasting effect as I did with the Facial Scrub by Clarification.

Is the Facial Scrub worth buying?

YES GURL 🙌 ! This Facial Scrub is amazing. Not only we are taking care of our skin but also of the planet. Clarification is a new brand of 100% natural origin powder skincare, without water & without plastic packaging, with short ingredient lists suitable for sensitive skin.

I didn’t think I would be so surprised by a scrub, this one won the bet of being eco-responsible and effective. Its price alone is €24,90 but they have bundles. If you buy the Facial Scrub + the dry shampoo (that I will be reviewing next) it will cost you €35,90. Who doesn’t need a healthy dry shampoo in this bathroom?

If you want to discover this brand and its products I have a little something for you. Use the code “POUDRE20” you will get -20% off all orders, with no minimum purchase, valid until 03/31. (Cannot be combined with other current offers)🌱.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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