VOLUME POWDER - DRY SHAMPOO by clarification

Trying the new VOLUME POWDER – DRY SHAMPOO by clarification

Hello darlings, this is my second review on Clarification. This time we will be reviewing together the volume powder – dry shampoo. I have oily hair roots so I am very excited to try this product out.

Clarification is a brand that offers 100% natural, water-free and vegan skincare products, with minimalist ingredient lists and products that are respectful of the skin and the environment, made in France.

Good to know:

🥕 Yuka rating: 100/100
🌱 100% naturally derived ingredients
🇫🇷 Care made in France

“We use many cosmetic products daily. The challenge today is to reduce their negative impact on the skin & the environment by consciously intervening in each link of the chain.” – Clara, founder

My last review ❤️

The VOLUME POWDER DRY SHAMPOO – First Impression :

Staring with the packaging, the dry shampoo comes in this small 100% recyclable aluminum container. Unlike the Facial Scrub, the opening mechanism is a bit different: you need to open the top part. As you can see in the pictures this one comes with small sticker protection that we take off and find small holes. It reminds me of the salt or the spices containers we buy from the supermarket.

The dry shampoo is made with corn starch, white clay, and oatmeal. This combo helps to absorb excess oil and impurities, add volume, shine and soothe sensitive scalps. They, unfortunately, don’t specify how many uses you can do with 1 container, but I believe it’s because it depends on your hair length and what are the results you are looking for.

  • VOLUME POWDER - DRY SHAMPOO by clarification
  • VOLUME POWDER - DRY SHAMPOO by clarification
  • VOLUME POWDER - DRY SHAMPOO by clarification
  • VOLUME POWDER - DRY SHAMPOO by clarification

Here is my Clarification VOLUME POWDER DRY SHAMPOO review:

It is very simple to use, I use it by pouring the powder directly into my hair. I spread it evenly on my scalp, leave it on for a few minutes, then come in and rub it out to remove any white residue. I think there is no good or best way to apply Dry Shampoo. You can put it directly into your hair as I do, apply it on your brush first, or put it in the palm of your hands.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that it did leave a white residue on my hair that started to fade as I was brushing my hair. The volume effect, to be honest, I didn’t see it but I have extremely flat hair so I am not surprised 😂.

  • VOLUME POWDER - DRY SHAMPOO by clarification
  • VOLUME POWDER - DRY SHAMPOO by clarification
  • VOLUME POWDER - DRY SHAMPOO by clarification

Is the VOLUME POWDER DRY SHAMPOO worth buying?

YES GURL 🙌 ! It’s very easy to use and absorbs the excess sebum making your hair look like just washed. Not the forget the natural ingredients making it the best dry shampoo in the market. Its price alone is €19,90 but they have bundles. If you buy the Facial Scrub + the dry shampoo it will cost you €35,90.

If you want to discover this brand and its products I have a little something for you. Use the code “POUDRE20” you will get -20% off all orders, with no minimum purchase, valid until 03/31. (Cannot be combined with other current offers)🌱.

It’s time to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon💕

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