#8 REVUE: Mon Guerlain Bloom Of Rose

Petite histoire du jour:

Bonne découverte ♡

Hello, Fragrance lovers ♡, I hope you are getting ready for the New year ♡
I am in Italy right now in Naples and the NY spirit here is AMAZING. The weather is giving me the most beautiful beach and sunset views.

I didn’t travel alone duh. Two perfumes accompanied the first one is my latest favorite: My GUERLAIN Bloom of Rose. The second one you will know soon 🤫

The theme is the same as my latest review FLORAL & pinky 🌸. If you didn’t read it yet I recommend you do 💜

Idôle by Lancôme ♡

I know what you are going to tell me … “Another rose scent? “🌸.

I wanted to review the Mon Guerlain by Guerlain first since I’ve been using it since its release then I went to Morroco and my mom bought me the bloom of rose as a Christmas gift …And since the theme is floral and pink I decided to change my plan and go for this one. So sorry, not sorry.

This perfume’s muse is Angelina Jolie – I am a big fan of hers-. I think that woman is the incarnation of natural beauty, charisma, and power, however, most people would say that they don’t find her feminine because of all her tattoos.

Let’s move on to the juice!

Première impression:

Usually, I start saying how amazing the bottle is and how gorgeous I think it is, so let’s talk about it.

The bottle is identical to the classic My GUERLAIN, except for the color of the ribbon located on the cap. The gold color here gives way to pink, which I find great to find your way around when you have both versions. And if, like me, you like the stories of the bottles, here are a few words from the House of GUERLAIN:

“The” quadrilobed “bottle, created in 1908, has established itself as an iconic bottle of the House. Clean and graphic, it is inspired by an alchemist’s bottle and owes its name to its stopper worked in the mass to obtain a shape similar to four lobes. A century later, sublimated by a luxurious weight of glass and a gold ornament, this bottle offers a contrast between the strength of the taut lines and the sensuality of the curves, expressing more than ever the femininity of today. ”

Take a little look here👀!

I like simple. The simpler the more beautiful, and this bottle fits perfectly in your disk and with your pinky collection since the bottle is transparent but the fragrance is kind of baby pink, a very light pink.

This perfume is an oriental fragrance.

 Let’s dip into the scent notes!


The notes of this perfume:

✨ Top notes are: Mandarin🍊, blackcurrant🍇, green apple 🍏.

✨ Heart notes are: Rose 🌹 – Jasmine Sambac 🌼  – Carla lavender 💜- Neroli 🌼 .

✨ Base notes are: Australian Sandalwood 💥  – Vanilla 🌼 – White Musk💥.

The combination of Carla Lavender, Sambac jasmine from India, Sandalwood Album from Australia and Vanilla Tahitensis from Papua New Guinea make it unique and, I think, very modern.

For this new edition “Bloom of Rose”, we find the original notes of the essence My GUERLAIN. We are however on a lighter scent. It is more volatile, but also a fresher Eau de Parfum. I got it in December and I can tell you or at least for me, this is a whole year kinda fragrance.

Neroli and rose bring a sparkling and revitalizing side that I love!

When you first spray it, for the few first seconds the first thing I got was citrus. Then the next thing I got was a kind of freshness rose scent, then you get the lavender and then comes the vanilla.

Je recommande ou pas?

I kind of like this fragrance.

✅ This is a fresh, young and modern scent.

✅  It will make your day fresh, it smells very natural and not synthetic at all.

❌ The bottle is not quite my favorite, because it feels heavy in the bag.

❌ I still believe that the original scent is way better than this reedition in blossom rose.

❌ Does it last a whole day? The answer is no, you need to respray it even tho it gets stuck in the cloths.

🔔 At the end of the day, this is one of the best rose releases of 2019.

🔔 I TOTALY recommend itif you like flowery fresh especially rose fragrances.

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