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Bonne découverte ♡

This year, we saw a lot of new fragrances with the same message embracing women and their power.

Idôle is the new Lancôme perfume: a breath of freshness and renewal is blowing on the French perfume house, with this fresh and light fragrance. In a world where most perfumes are made by men, this is a perfume created by 3 women: Shyamala Maisondieu, Nadège Le Garlantezec, and Adriana Medina. By women for women.

This perfume has a very similar message to LIBRE by YSL that I reviewed before. If you haven’t read the review yet here is the link:

Libre by YSL ♡

Just like YSL did with Libre, we can notice that Lancôme decided to dust off its “aging” image linked to the iconic La Vie est Belle a bit and to bet on the youth of actress and singer Zendaya …

Let’s move on to the juice!

Première impression:

Once again, now you know that the first thing I will talk about is THE BOTTLE.

For me the shape of this bottle is quite unusual, it’s the thinnest perfume bottle of the world – that doesn’t stand up on anything-. You feel like you are holding the fragrance on the palm of your hand which is very stylish & unusual. On its sides, you have a gold metal with a pink finish which is the same for the cap where you can find IDÔLE graved in. The rest of the bottle is clear and the perfume has a baby pink color that matches perfectly with the rose gold details.

At first, when I held the bottle it felt like an iPhone between my hands, very comfortable, very lightweight and you can hold it from the cap without being afraid of it falling.

This perfume is described as a fresh floral.

 Let’s dip into the scent notes!


The notes of this perfume:

✨ Top notes are: Bergamot 🍊 – Pear 🍐

✨ Middle notes are: Rose from Turquie 🌹 – Rose de Mai 🌹 – Jasmin from India🌸

✨ Base notes are: White Musk 💥  – Vanilla 🌼

When I first sprayed it on, the first thing you get is the rose petal. It reminds me of the rose version of La vie est Belle by Lancôme – which is one of my go for perfumes, & one of my favorite.
We can also feel the white Musk not too invasive, very well mixed with the rose: the main reason why it feels feminine, fresh and very soft.

Since the rose is from Turkey and exclusively for Lancôme, no other brand will have the same smell of rose.

However, I was very surprised for the pear in the top note since I didn’t smell it, but I think this fruit is one of the main reasons why this fragrance is fresh. I am also not getting the Bergamot note since the most dominant note is the rose one.

In the base, there is a bit of vanilla. Since this not a vanilla fragrance, I am also not getting this note, however, I know for sure that this is what is going to help this perfume last throughout the day.

Do I recommend or not?

I do like this fragrance.

✅ This is a perfume that lasts 6 to 7 hours on the skin which gets more point than Libre by YSL. You also meet to respray after that to make it more visible.

✅  It will make your day fresh, it smells very natural and not synthetic at all.

✅ A very sophisticated fragrance and I LOVE THAT.

✅ This is a refillable bottle, so you don’t need to buy a new bottle.

✅ You can buy a case to cover it and I love the idea. Available in 2 colors: Mantras & Holographic.

You want the case?

❌ As much as I love the case idea as much I think it’s quite expensive for what you are already paying for: The case costs 19 euro each.

❌ I love long-lasting perfumes and I must admit it this one needs to be layered up after 4 to 5 hours.

🔔 At the end of the day, this is one of the best releases this year. So many good and similar perfumes out there. But I think this one got my heart a little bit more than Libre did.

🔔 I TOTALY recommend itif you like flowery fresh fragrances this baby is for you. And if you have in your collection the rose edition by Narciso Rodriguez & or La vie est belle by Lancôme you will LOVE this.

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