#5 REVUE: Libre-YSL

Bonne découverte ♡

Little storytime :

For women today, freedom is an essential and true luxury.

After years of struggle for equality, power, and success, this has become a state of mind. It’s your own game. Because you are. Without compromise. Without contradictions. Because you can be strong, powerful, speak your mind, extra feminine and sexy at the same time.

The perfect harmony between luxury and nature. Driven by the internal fire, sexy and relaxed, heated at every point of life.

Smile when you feel like smiling, cry when you feel like it. Calm down whenever you want to, and go to conquer the world.

This is when the iconic scent of freedom was born. A new, casually sexy floral scent..

Created as a meeting between France and Morocco. Dreaming between Paris and New York. Balancing on the line between masculine and feminine.

First impression :

The first thing we definitely cannot ignore is THE BOTTLE. This is one of the most simple, luxurious and impressive bottles I’ve ever seen.

It’s definitely minimalistic however the details are everything: The logo across the bottle is just gorgeous and the gold chain on the top mixed with the asymmetrical cap makes it a stand out.

Since LIBRE  is a french noun that means free, this is a female empowerment perfume and you can notice that from the campaign to the philosophy to the idea behind its creation:

It is all about a woman feeling free, strong and powerful. Free to do whatever she wants to, to love, to cry, to travel, to be happy…

When you apply it you can still smell it pretty strongly for the 2 to 3 hours, and it lasts on the clothing as well, but this is not a heavy or a strong fragrance at all.



The notes of this perfume :
✨ Top notes are : Mandarin,Orange 🍊, Lavender, Blackcurrant and Petitgrain.
✨ Middle notes are : Jasmine 🌸  and Lavender in an Orange Blossom 🍊
✨ Base notes : Madagascar vanilla 🌸 Cedar, Ambergris and Musk 💥

When I first sprayed this fragrance It reminded me of the Mon Guerlain fragrance. However, it’s definitely more soft and fruity. You feel at first the mandarin, orange and the orange blossom for sure.

When it starts to dry down that’s when you definitely get the Jasmin, the Lavender, the Vanilla and right towards the end is when we start to feel the musky sens. I think that the most dominant scent is the Lavender & the orange blossom.

You want it ?

Do I recommend or not ?

I get compliments each time I kiss hello someone. I’ve been using it for about a month now and I am already to the half of the bottle😇🙊.

✅ I believe this is the kind of perfume that either you love it or hate it, for me, this is a very sophisticated perfume I wouldn’t say it’s for young or old women, I would say it’s for mature ones.

✅ This perfume definitely makes me feel more confident and instantly powerful.

❌ I love long-lasting perfumes and I must admit it this one needs to be layered up after 3 hours.

❌The smell starts to fade away, so this is something I am really disappointed about since I like a strong scent that will last for a whole day just like Black Opium.

🔔 At the end of the day, this is definitely one of my most favorite fragrances of the year. 😍
This is why I TOTALY recommend it, BUT always keep in mind that this is not the kind of fragrance that will last a whole day and that EVERYBODY around you is going to still smell few hours after spraying it on.

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