#4 REVIEW: Magical Holiday by Kiko

Magical holiday By Kiko milano

Good discovery ♡

Story time :

I went to do some shopping -makeup shopping- and after finishing THE MOST HUGE purchase from Sephora, I decided to do a little tour at Kiko since I needed eye pencils and this is when I discovered the new holiday collection.

A very beautiful & colorful stand that really got my attention.

I am definitely NOT a sparkles person, unless it comes to gloss or nails, BUT this collection made my eyes sparkle. When you see it at first you feel the holiday spirit.

The choice of colors: The red & the gold makes your whole soul sparkle; DEFINITELY feels like the holidays. Let’s not forget about the luxurious packaging in ruby red and shiny gold, the sensual textures and surprising rendering and powerful formulas.

The “Wow Lipstick” collection :

I AM IN LOVE. As simple as that.

The formula is fire. I lost it when I swatched them, even if I never was a big fan of shimmery

A M A Z I N G.

The “Wow Lipstick” collection is composed of only 2 shades, there is a red and a bordeaux, perfect shades for parties, Christmas & new years.

How ever, what I dislike about this collection is the fact it only has two colors. I would’ve loved to see other colors with this effect.

Since they are satin the finish is metallic and glittery and a very scintillating effect on our lips.

They have an extreme metallic finish, super bright! They are easy to apply and fade, the multidimensional effect is very intense.

BUT, the design on the lipstick’s surface is SO BEAUTIFUL that you wouldn’t want to ruin it.


The collection “Chrome Eyeshadow” :

As soon as I was this beauty I had to swatch all of them.

The first thing I swatched was the Halo Eyeshadows and MY GOD the formula was so soft and easy to lay on the hand without tearing the shimmers from the formula.

The collection “Chrome Eyeshadow” is composed of 4 shades, there is goldy champagne, gold duo-chrome with pink highlights, a bronze and my heart’s stroke the green fir tree.

This is perfect for the holidays at the end of the year! What makes those very special is the fact that as you know halo changes colors with the lightning so basically the colors switch.

The green fir tree which is my favorite change from the most beautiful fir tree to very dark purple almost black.

The heartbreaking news is that in my Kiko’s store – Nantes Beaulieu – it was sold out 


This palette reminds me alot of Becca x Khloé Kardashian & Malika Haqq palette.

The bronzer is super warm, but I feel like it will only match very clear skin tones.

The shinny highlighter for me is equal to Orgasm by Nars, it’s a very beautiful pink with shimmery undertones, however, I feel like it wouldn’t look on oily skin.

The highlighter is MAGICAL.

And The mate blush is very powdery but gives a beautiful finish.

You want it ?

Little Swatches  :


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